B.A. Economics, Federal Flueminense University, Rio de Janeiro


Basic ZUMBA I, II, and Toniing, ZUMBA Fitness, 2009

Years of Teaching

3 years

Teaching Philosophy

I have extensive dance training, I love dancing, I love creating choreography, and I love music. Teaching ZUMBA fitness gives me the opportunity to share the joy of dance and music. I believe ZUMBA fitness offers a good mix of working out and having fun. It is a fitness that has worked for me, as it keeps me interested and always coming back for more.

Why My Class?

I truly love teaching and am constantly searching for new and exciting music and routines to introduce within the class. I observe my students, listen to their suggestions, and tailor my class to keep a balance between the varioius fitness levels of all the participants. It is very rewarding for me to see the improvement after a couple of classes and watch students go from feeling a bit lost to enjoying the routines and having a great time! 

ZUMBA fitness uses a mix of international and dance music with a pinch of current pop. My class is definitely a dance and choreography gearted class. Students will be using their brain trying to learn the routines at the same time they are working out. There are a lot of visual and verbal cuing, as well as repetitive routines. If a student needs individual help, I always make myself available after class for some one on one work. ZUMBA fitness is not about doing every move perfect, it's about enjoying the music, having fun with dance, and most of all, just keep moving and feeling great! I hope you give it a try!