Men's Wrestling


The University of Notre Dame Wrestling Club is open to all Notre Dame and Holy Cross students of any wrestling background. The club encourages first time wrestlers to attend informational meetings or contact one of the club officers to learn more. The Wrestling Club is competitive for those who wish to compete, and it is purely recreational for those who just want to get a good workout and meet new like-minded individuals. We compete in the National Collegiate Wrestling Association, and our competitive season extends from November to March. Practices are currently two hours long on Mondays and Thursdays, and are held for most of the academic year. Our mission is to bring wrestling back to the University of Notre Dame and allow our talented ex-high school wrestlers to compete at a high club level, as well as to introduce first-time wrestlers to the sport.

For upcoming wrestling events and competition, visit Wrestling or contact

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To learn more or join the Men’s Wrestling club, please contact the officers listed below.

2017/2018 Officers

Position Name Email
President John Hurley
Vice President Jess Hatfield
Treasurer Landan Yount
Secretary Michael Moynihan