Women's Boxing 

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Women seeking to challenge themselves physically and mentally will thrive in the Women’s Boxing club. While learning technical skills, club members have the opportunity to find the will, strength, and heart to become boxers. Along the way, they also develop leadership skills as club officers, and raise funds for the Missions in East Africa by staging the Baraka Bouts. A novice program is conducted in the early fall, followed by veteran season prior to the Baraka Bouts. All are welcome.

For Baraka Bouts tournament and mission information, as well as club news and how to donate, visit Women’s Boxing or email wboxing@nd.edu.

Get Involved

To learn more or to join the Women’s Boxing club, please contact the officers listed below.

2016/2017 Officers

Position  Name Email
President Maeve Donovan mdonova8@nd.edu
Vice President