About Family FuNDays

  • What is the purpose of Family FuNDays?
    • Family FuNDays are designed to meet the recreational needs of faculty, staff, graduate students, and their families. Family FuNDays is primarily focused on traditional forms of recreation such as family bowling nights, skate nights, visits to the beach, and picnics.


  • How much do Family FuNDays cost?
    • The cost of all Family FuNDays depends on the type of event we are offering. Prices could range from free to $15.


  • I am a Notre Dame graduate student, faculty, or staff member. How do I register for Family FunDays?
  • I am a spouse of a Notre Dame graduate student, faculty, or staff member. How do I create an online account to register online through RecRegister?
  • I missed the deadline to register for a Family FuNDay. Can I still register?
    • If spots remain and there are enough resources for additional participants, you may be able to still register. Contact agossett@nd.edu to see if spots still remain.
    • Note: For the South Bend Cubs game and the Potawatomi Zoo Adventure, there will be no registration accepted after the registration deadline.


  • Does RecSports provide transportation to off-site events?
    • RecSports does not provide transportation to any event that we hold.  

Day of event details

  • What time can my family begin to check-in for the Family FuNDay?
    • Check-in will begin approximately 15 minutes prior to the event start time.
  • Once my family gets to the Family FuNDay, where do we sign-in and get applicable entry access?
    • Dependent on the event, you may receive a ticket or wristband to gain access.
      • Summer Picnic: Check-in inside Stepan Center. No tickets required.
      • South Bend Cubs Game: Tickets can be picked up outside of Gate D starting at 6:30 p.m. Look for the RecSports tablecloth!  
      • Potawatomi Zoo Adventure: ickets must be picked up at Rolfs Sports Recreation Center on Notre Dame's Campus between Monday, June 20 through Friday, June 24 during normal business hours.  Registration will end on Friday, June 17 to allow for mail delivery from Potawatomi Zoo. 
      • Beach Bash: Check-in at St. Joseph Beach. No tickets required. 
  • I think we’ll be running late to the Family FuNDay event, at what time will check-in end?
    • Check-in will continue 30 minutes into the event.