About RecSports 

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RecSports embodies a service-oriented environment that fosters positive social interaction through programs and services; we enhance the overall Notre Dame experience and provide recreational and educational opportunities for transformative lifestyles.


  • Embodying a service-oriented environment by educating staff through development and providing resources that assist in increasing the knowledge necessary to serve our Notre Dame community effectively.
  • Providing a positive social interaction through programs and services by ensuring that the overall experience in our programs and services are aligned with the Holy Cross mission and are at the forefront of daily interactions.
  • Enhancing the overall Notre Dame experience by supporting the mind, body, and spirit of our community through programs and services that strengthen the academic and professional experience.
  • Fostering educational opportunities for transformative lifestyles by providing programs and services that enables our Notre Dame community to develop lifelong skills that will contribute to a positive lifestyle.

Core Values

  • Collaboration - Facilitate healthy and positive relationships with our Notre Dame community.
  • Community - Aspire to enrich our Notre Dame community with experiences and meaningful relationships by cultivating a supportive environment.
  • Diversity - Provide an inclusive environment that is open and welcoming to all.
  • Fun - Create an atmosphere for enjoyable experiences.
  • Holistic - Incorporate our University's concept of mind, body, and spirit in all facets of our pursuits.
  • Innovative - Develop trend-setting programs, services, and facilities by understanding the needs of our Notre Dame community through outreach and assessment.
  • Leadership - Establish an environment for opportunities that enhance one’s skills and knowledge.
  • Safety - Assess and manage risk associated with our programs and services.
  • Service - Deliver exceptional service in order to meet the needs of our Notre Dame community.
  • Stewardship - Maintain an environment that embraces Our Lady’s core values: Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Leadership in Mission, and Leadership in Excellence.

Risk Statement

RecSports' activities are diverse; however, all such activities harbor some level of risk.  While the safety of all participants is a primary consideration in the planning and execution of all RecSports' activities, injuries may occur at any level of participation.  These injuries may include the exacerbation or reoccurrence of any pre-existing condition or predisposition to injury.