2019 - 2020 MOST Outstanding Student Employees of the Month

Each month, RecSports professional staff nominates those students we feel exemplify the meaning of OUTSTANDING student employees that continually go above and beyond to enhance the participant experiences daily in our facilities and through our programs. We call this award the MOST Outstanding award because we feel all of our students are outstanding, however these are just the best of the best! 

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October 2019: Claire Hickey

"For the month of October I am nominating Claire Hickey for the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month. Claire began as a Program Assistant for us at the beginning of this academic year, and I can honestly say that she is a major part of how club sport operations and administration has continued to operate as smoothly as it has (read as: really all together). On an almost daily basis you can find Claire here in the office checking emails, organizing club travel requests, working with clubs to submit purchase requests, and continuing to think of ways to better the experience of our Sport Program participants. During the transition to clubs utilizing PayPal for dues, she continued to work hand in hand with clubs to setup RecRegister payment methods so that clubs could continue to function. A second major project she helped spearhead this month was the updating of club sport forms. All together Claire either updated and/or created twenty club sport forms used for administration in travel, officials payment, home event requests, etc. Probably most noteworthy with all of these projects was Claire’s ability to decipher and understand my/our quick and sporadic conversations or hand written notes that I left with tasks for the day. Often she is already a step ahead in remembering what communication and information needs to be sent to clubs and officers. I spent a lot of the October doing individual meetings with each of the clubs, and Claire’s initiative to continue working on and completing projects was something I have never seen from a student employee. Her energy and initiative is what allowed club operations to continue during an otherwise very busy few months of the semester."

- Arianne Judy, Assistant Director, Sports Programs

September 2019: Anthony Reo

September 2019 Most Outstanding Eom 500x300 01

"I would like to nominate Anthony Reo as the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for September 2019. In his second year with the marketing team, Anthony has continued to be a leader amongst our staff and is the first one to always "jump in" whenever help is needed. In preparation for a new multimedia purchase, Anthony assisted in creating policies and procedures for our staff, as well as a new equipment checkout form. In addition this month, Anthony spent 3 1/2 hours until 11:30 p.m. with me down in The Pit one night doing a photoshoot with the Women's Boxing Club captains. Not only was he playing the role of Mr. Photographer by ensuring we had every angle and correct lighting that suited the needs of the captains, he was also enthusiastic every step of the way. Anthony has also taken the lead on coverage for photography and videography for Club Sports and all Intramural Sports Championships and always steps in for every need if his schedule allots. It has been a pleasure watching Anthony grow in his position. From his style of photography, to the creation of a script in Google Drive that enables us to easily document our photography, to his self-teaching of Adobe Premiere Pro for editing and the creation of videos, Anthony is never afraid to take on a project with a "get it done attitude." In the 12 months Anthony has been working with us, not once have I heard a negative comment come from him, no matter the circumstance. It is for these reasons and many more that I nominate Anthony Reo as the September 2019 MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month."

- Kendra Bayne, Assistant Director, Administration:
Assessment, Communications, & Staff Development


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