2020 - 2021 MOST Outstanding Student Employees of the Month

Each month, RecSports professional staff nominates those students we feel exemplify the meaning of OUTSTANDING student employees that continually go above and beyond to enhance the participant experiences daily in our facilities and through our programs. We call this award the MOST Outstanding award because we feel all of our students are outstanding, however these are just the best of the best! 

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August/September 2020: Dean Maloney

"I would like to nominate Dean Maloney for the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month. Dean has shown his experience these last few weeks. He has had several difficult conversations with patrons and handles them with poise. He has managed medical situations in a calm manner and completed all necessary reporting steps. When he works, he feels comfortable overseeing the facility, but does not get complacent. Dean is proactive and works with purpose each and every shift. His maturity and work ethic has really shined through these last several weeks and we are lucky to get the opportunity to work with him. Thank you Dean for all your hard work and leadership."

Todd Dion, Facility Operations Coordinator (Smith Center)

October/November 2020: Victor Atanmo

"I would like to nominate Victor Atanmo for the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for October and November. Victor was hired over this past summer as a Recreation Attendant in the North Dome. During the first few weeks of the semester, I knew that I had a gem and he was promoted to an Operations Supervisor. Victor continued to work his Recreation Attendant shifts while picking up many Operations Supervisor shifts.

Victor is always the first person to arrive for his shifts, staff trainings, and for Zoom meetings. He has been a great asset to our staff with the move from the North Dome to the Smith Center and super flexible working the crazy facility schedule that we have had to deal with this semester.

Victor has the qualities of great leadership like a positive attitude, confidence, a careful listener, knowledge on how to delegate and is very responsible. Here are a few shout outs from his coworkers this semester:

“Victor Atanmo works a ton of shifts and is always super hardworking and such a kind person!”

“Victor keeps people on task while also making the shift enjoyable!”

“I see Victor Atanmo working all the time and he's always in a good mood with (I'm guessing since it's under his mask) a smile on his face. Seeing people like that in the workplace makes it a more enjoyable place to be and something I can even look forward to.”

“I have worked a lot with Victor Atanmo over the past few weeks and he has been a great person to talk to and work with."

If the game clock was running down in a tie game, I would definitely like for him to have the ball in his hands. He would find a way to win the game while making his teammates look good. For these reasons, I believe Victor Atanmo is the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for October and November."

- Matt Lewandowski, Facility Operations Coordinator (North Dome)

December 2020/January 2021: Grace Monagan

"I would like to nominate Grace Monagan as the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for December 2020/January 2021. She helped us cover countless shifts during winter break when we were in despite need. Being one of our veterans, we can count on her to be ready for anything thrown her way. She is engaged and makes the most out of her time at work. Over the years, I have seen her thrive giving tours of our facility. This element of the position has been completely wiped out over the last year. She had a rare opportunity during break when one of our vendors (PLAE) happened to be in the area. I know without any doubts that she provided them a great tour and embraced every moment.

Grace has been with RecSports for over three years. She has had countless moments helping us during her time with us but none greater than in recent months. For these reasons, I am nominating Grace for the December 2020/January 2021 MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month. Thank you Grace for all your hard work!"

Todd Dion, Facility Operations Coordinator (Smith Center)

February 2021: Jacob Ottone

"Jacob Ottone is consistently a go to person within Rockne. Jacob knows exactly what is happening in the building and can be found in what seems like multiple places at once. This is simply because he is constantly moving and checking on places and people. His number one goal on each shift is to make sure everyone on duty has what they need and the folks in our spaces are safe. He is also the person that consistently steps up to cover for others and takes over shifts last minute even when he has already worked a double that day.

The following items are comments his colleagues have submitted regarding his work this month:

  • "Jacob comes in always ready to work from the second he gets there!"
  • "Jacob never sits down! He is always looking for ways to make Rockne a better place and keep everyone safe!"
  • "He comes in after me on Mondays/Wednesdays and is always ready to start working and get going. He also is always friendly and kind."
  • "Jacob does an excellent job handling issues. He is always calm, cool, and collected. He communicates effectively with everyone involved!"
  • "Jacob is always in a great mood when he arrives at work. No matter what happens on shift, he always knows what to do (even if he doesn't, you could never tell)."

As you can see, Jacob's work reflects not only his care and concern for the space he is in, but also the colleagues he works with while he is here. His work, whether he knows it or not, makes a big impact on the people around him." 

- Kristyn Watts, Facility Operations Coordinator (Rockne)

March 2021: Paul Jensen

"I would like to nominate Paul "Tall Paul" Jensen as the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for March. In a semester of unknowns, pauses, restarts and ever shifting schedules, Paul has become someone Arianne, Kyle, and myself know will always be steady. Paul shows up early, stays late, and is flexible when things shift on short notice. Paul consistently picks up extra Supervisor shifts on top of his Manager on Duty duties. When it comes to an unattractive Friday evening shift, Paul is our guy. He never hesitates to pick up extra hours to fill any holes in the staff schedule. Paul continually takes pride in his work and is a great face for not only Sport Programs, but RecSports as a whole. In my time here, Paul has been someone I have been able to learn from and has helped me grow in my role at RecSports. He is a great role model for younger supervisors and is always willing to answer questions they may have. For these reasons, I am nominating Paul as the MOST Outstanding Employee of the Month for March 2021. Thank you for all you do for our program and for being a great team player."

- Chris Adams, Sport Programs Coordinator - Intramural & Club Sports

April 2021: Jimmy Hegarty

"I would like to nominate Jimmy Hegarty as the April 2021 MOST Outstanding Student Employee. Jimmy has been an outstanding additional to the Recreation Attendant role this year. He previously worked as a Climbing and Bouldering Wall Attendant. This being Jimmy's senior year, I wish I had the opportunity to work with him more than this year. Jimmy is consistently on task and moving around the facility. He has shown an enormous amount of maturity throughout the year and has stayed motivated. I do not recall a time where I have seen Jimmy sitting down at the desk. He seeks out all possibilities to be engaged and make an impact on our operations. Throughout this year, Jimmy has stayed positive and created wonderful relationships with his new work team. I am grateful for all of his hard work and dedication this year. For these reasons and many more, I am nominating Jimmy as the April 2021 MOST Outstanding Employee of the Month. Thank you again for all your work this year and best of luck as you transition to DC."

Todd Dion, Facility Operations Coordinator (Smith Center)

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