2020 - 2021 MOST Outstanding Student Employees of the Month

Each month, RecSports professional staff nominates those students we feel exemplify the meaning of OUTSTANDING student employees that continually go above and beyond to enhance the participant experiences daily in our facilities and through our programs. We call this award the MOST Outstanding award because we feel all of our students are outstanding, however these are just the best of the best! 

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August/September 2020: Dean Maloney

"I would like to nominate Dean Maloney for the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month. Dean has shown his experience these last few weeks. He has had several difficult conversations with patrons and handles them with poise. He has managed medical situations in a calm manner and completed all necessary reporting steps. When he works, he feels comfortable overseeing the facility, but does not get complacent. Dean is proactive and works with purpose each and every shift. His maturity and work ethic has really shined through these last several weeks and we are lucky to get the opportunity to work with him. Thank you Dean for all your hard work and leadership."

Todd Dion, Facility Operations Coordinator (Smith Center)

October/November 2020: Victor Atanmo

"I would like to nominate Victor Atanmo for the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for October and November. Victor was hired over this past summer as a Recreation Attendant in the North Dome. During the first few weeks of the semester, I knew that I had a gem and he was promoted to an Operations Supervisor. Victor continued to work his Recreation Attendant shifts while picking up many Operations Supervisor shifts.

Victor is always the first person to arrive for his shifts, staff trainings, and for Zoom meetings. He has been a great asset to our staff with the move from the North Dome to the Smith Center and super flexible working the crazy facility schedule that we have had to deal with this semester.

Victor has the qualities of great leadership like a positive attitude, confidence, a careful listener, knowledge on how to delegate and is very responsible. Here are a few shout outs from his coworkers this semester:

“Victor Atanmo works a ton of shifts and is always super hardworking and such a kind person!”

“Victor keeps people on task while also making the shift enjoyable!”

“I see Victor Atanmo working all the time and he's always in a good mood with (I'm guessing since it's under his mask) a smile on his face. Seeing people like that in the workplace makes it a more enjoyable place to be and something I can even look forward to.”

“I have worked a lot with Victor Atanmo over the past few weeks and he has been a great person to talk to and work with."

If the game clock was running down in a tie game, I would definitely like for him to have the ball in his hands. He would find a way to win the game while making his teammates look good. For these reasons, I believe Victor Atanmo is the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for October and November."

- Matt Lewandowski, Facility Operations Coordinator (North Dome)

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