2017 - 2018 MOST Outstanding Student Employees of the Month

Each month, RecSports professional staff nominates those students we feel exemplify the meaning of OUTSTANDING student employees that continually go above and beyond to enhance the participant experiences daily in our facilities and through our programs. We call this award the MOST Outstanding award because we feel all of our students are outstanding, however these are just the best of the best! 

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June/July 2018: Austin Chapman, Marketing & Special Events Office Assistant

"I would like to nominate Austin Chapman as the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for June/July 2018. Austin studies at the University of Indiana, but is a South Bend native. Although Austin was only able to work with our department for 3 months, he made a large impact on our staff this summer! I can honestly say Austin has been one of the most dependable, hardworking, and quick learning student employees I have had the opportunity to supervise. Austin has been one of the those employees that can just "run with things." Although he was originally unfamiliar with most of the programs he worked with this summer (design programs, our web platform, etc.), Austin was proficient in these programs by the end of the summer and it seemed as if he never missed a beat when learning how to utilize them!

A tribute to his dedication, Austin will continue to work with us on breaks while home. Austin's talent and dedication to our team will truly be missed throughout the academic year, but I'm certain he will continue to impress at IU, or wherever he may work! For these reasons, I would like to nominate Austin Chapman for the RecSports June/July 2018 MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month."

- Kendra Bayne, Assistant Director, Administration: Assessment, Communications, & Staff Development

May Eom Reagan 6

May 2018: Reagan Stohler, Fitness Attendant

"I would like to nominate Reagan Stohler as the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for May 2018. Reagan is our rock in times of need - she is always willing to come in on short notice and gives 110% when she is on the job. During finals week, someone was late for a shift and Reagan stayed an extra hour past the end of her shift to ensure someone was watching the floor throughout the day. This has happened on numerous occasions, which is something that she has not ever been asked to do, but we very much appreciate her willingness to put the safety of others first. Reagan is certainly very detail-oriented and often catches little things like unlocked studios that can easily go unnoticed. It is clear through Reagan's behavior that she takes pride in her work as a Fitness Attendant and wants to provide the best for the members of the Notre Dame community. This sense of pride and continuous positive attitude (even during all of her 5:30 a.m. shifts!) make her the perfect candidate for the RecSports MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for May 2018."

- Samantha Fitzpatrick, Fitness & Instructional Program Coordinator

April 2018: Sydney Louden, Fitness Attendant

"I would like to nominate Sydney Louden as the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for April 2018. Sydney has been our regular closer and has set the standard for what a Fitness Attendant should do during the closing shift. She is very meticulous and takes care in what she does whether that is cleaning the equipment, to keeping a watchful eye on our patrons. If you were to look around the facility while Sydney is on shift, she is constantly moving and doing laps around the space - she said she doesn't have a Fitbit, but by the amount of times I watched her circle the building in between cleaning equipment, she must be close to 15,000 steps in a two and a half hour shift. Facility Managers have also noted how well Sydney does when closing and that she communicates with them well while on duty. Sydney is extremely reliable and willing to lend a hand. Even though her class schedule and other commitments kept her very busy this semester, she offered to take a shift early in the day to make sure there were enough staff members working. I know that whenever Sydney is on duty, the building is in great hands. Thank you for everything that you have done for us this semester, Sydney!"

- Samantha Fitzpatrick, Fitness & Instructional Program Coordinator

Eom Of March 2018 Kelsey Cummings

March 2018: Kelsey Cummings, Men's & Women's Boxing Club Manager  

"I would like to nominate Kelsey Cummings as the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for March 2018. As the head manager for the Men's and Women's Boxing Clubs, Kelsey has a responsibility to effectively communicate and assure all protocols are followed for over 500 student athletes. Kelsey, leading the other Boxing Club Managers, was also tasked with making sure all medical protocols were followed and completed to be eligible to compete. Her ability to anticipate issues and effectively communicate has been extremely important to the success of the programs. She worked closely with internal and external partners to assure the advertisements and Boxing programs were completed in a timely fashion. Kelsey also took on new projects, utilizing a new platform for fundraising and working closely with the student leadership and the Development Office to achieve a record amount of fundraising. Kelsey has done amazing work and the success the boxing programs had this year is in large part to her positive attitude and diligent work. For these reasons, I would like to nominate Kelsey Cummings for the RecSports March 2018 MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month."

- Nate Walker, Club Sports Coordinator 

Eom Feb

February 2018: Meghan Egierski, Front Desk Attendant (Smith Center)

"From my first day with RecSports, Meghan has been a smiling face, a welcoming staff member, and someone who I feel can be trusted with anything we ask of her. She has been a leader within the Front Desk staff, and a voice of reason when things need to be brought to our attention. She is someone that has a lot of leadership potential and it is beginning to be realized. Meghan is also one of the few that makes sure that all the little things are done, and accounted for. Be it the cash drawer, folding towels, or even just tidying up, Meghan can always can be found doing the most mundane task with a positive attitude, outlook, and spirit. She is the type of employee that supervisors love, and that other staff try to emulate. For these and many more things, Meghan is beginning her training to start as a Facility Manager, and I know she will do great things. For these reasons, I would like to nominate Meghan Egierski for the RecSports February 2018 MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month."

- Drew Loso, Assistant Director Facilities Management & Operations

Katie 500x300

December 2017/January 2018: Katie Sedor, Intramural Sports Program Assistant

"I would like to nominate Kaitlyn (Katie) Sedor as the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for December 2017/January 2018. Katie has been with RecSports for four years now; progressing from an official to a supervisor and was promoted to a Program Assistant going into Fall 2017. Katie possesses all of the attributes to make her a successful Program Assistant. She is committed to her job and is passionate about what she does. She has great time management, is always willing to help her peers out when needed, and has a vast knowledge of multiple Intramural Sports. What has stood out this past month is her commitment to our Interhall/GFS basketball leagues. Katie has been involved in all the officials clinics for both our CoRec league in the Fall and the leagues we have going on this Spring. Her and one of our other Program Assistants have taken additional responsibility and will be scheduling the officials for basketball on a weekly basis. On top of her Program Assistant duties and scheduling officials, Katie also takes time to come to the courts and evaluate the officials. Having employees like Katie is a blessing because she understands what the official position means for our Intramural program and in order to progress and improve, we must start at the ground level and develop quality officials. Katie is a leader within our program and is looked up to from our younger supervisors. For these reasons I would like to nominate Katie Sedor for the December 2017/January 2018 RecSports MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month."

- Kyle Osburn, Intramural Sports Program Coordinator    

Erin 500x300

November 2017: Erin McGuire, Club Sports Program Assistant 

"I would like to nominate Erin McGuire as the November 2017 MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month. Erin has been our Club Sports Program Assistant whose responsibilities have been predominately prepping for and working our 30+ home events. While working, Erin is always smiling, has a positive attitude, and provides excellent customer service to participants, coaches, and medical staff. She is proactive when monitoring the safety of events and able to solve any conflicts or issues that may arise. When she is working an event, I have full confidence that she can handle anything that arises and will communicate with me if and when necessary.
Also, this semester we asked Erin to train two new Club Sport Supervisors. She accepted without reservation and helped guide these two new employees to be able to work home events on their own. Erin leads by example and has been a true student leader for our program. Without Erin’s dedication and commitment this semester while a lot of my time has been split with aquatics and climbing, the Club Sports program would not be as successful. She has truly stepped up to assist me when needed and exceeded all expectations on every request I’ve given. I am truly grateful for her dedication, passion, and commitment to myself and the Club Sports program and for these reasons I would like to nominate Erin McGuire for November 2017 RecSports MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month."

Mandy Madden, Assistant Director, Club Sports

October 2017: Michael Bicknell, Front Desk/Fitness Room Attendant (RSRC)


"I would like to nominate Michael Bicknell as the MOST Outstanding Employee of the Month for October. Michael has been a wonderful addition to our team this semester. He understands the mission of our facility and the amount of people we can impact by working the Front Desk and Fitness Floor. Michael is engaged with our guests and has created relationships with his colleagues in a short amount of time. He will go above and beyond in order to assist a patron and find them the answers they are seeking. One thing that I appreciate is his willingness to help out his colleagues. Michael has picked up his fair share of hours and has assisted his colleagues. In consecutive weeks, Michael worked back-to-back shifts to assist his colleagues with little to no notice prior to his initial shift. Michael is willing to adapt to any situation and assist if at all possible. I can tell that he has a passionate and will continue to challenge himself. I truly value the work he does at RecSports and the attitude he brings each and every one of his shifts. Thank you for all your positive energy and ability to make a wonderful impact on our program. For these reasons, I would like to nominate Michael Bicknell for the RecSports October 2017 MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month! Thank you Michael!" 

- Todd Dion, Facility Operations Coordinator

September 2017: Lydia Piendel, Rockne Memorial Front Desk/Weight Room Attendant 

Lydia Eom 500 X 300

"I am nominating Lydia Piendel for the September 2017 MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month. Lydia just started her third year at the Rock. She has been a welcoming presence at the Front Desk for our patrons since day one. Lydia has volunteered this month to pick up many of the early morning shifts in the Weight Room. She has been a true leader this year by making sure that our new staff members are welcomed to the Rockne team by getting them entered into the staff’s group text. She has also been the force behind the idea of The Rock vs. The RSRC dodgeball game. This past Wednesday, she picked up a partial shift between classes for a co-worker who was notified about on-campus employment interview the night before his afternoon shift. Lydia came in and worked at the Front Desk for one hour and then went to class. That is a true team player! For these reasons I would like to nominate Lydia Piendel for the September 2017 RecSports MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month."

Matt Lewandowski, Front Desk Attendant (Rockne Memorial)

August 2017: Annabelle Goese, Club Sports Program Assistant 

Eom Anabelle 500 X 300

 "Annabelle Goese as the August 2017 MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month. Words can’t express how appreciative I am for her hard work, dedication, and patience this past month!! With my added time put towards prepping for aquatics and climbing fall programming, as well as club sports, Annabelle has been not only a Program Assistant for Club Sports, but for Aquatics as well, and has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! She played a vital part of making sure the Club Sports Operations Manual edits were done and finalized for printing; created and finalized the Travel Checklist; and inventoried and ordered additional first aid kits for club teams. She also took the lead on the preparation for the Club Sports Coaches Meeting and for the Club Sports Officer Retreat. For the Club Sports Coaches Meeting, she created all 30+ coaches contracts; put together the coaches folders by making copies and collecting materials; organized shirt sizes; and sent email reminders to officers and coaches. For the Club Sports Officers Retreat, Annabelle took the lead on organizing the catering needs with both Subway and Let’s Spoon; ordered supplies; put together 135 folders; organized the shirts; and volunteered to present the Financials Management section of the agenda, which she did a fantastic job presenting to 135 of her peers. She even came in on a Saturday for a few hours to help finalize last minute items before the retreat. Not only did she attend the officers retreat as the Equestrian President, she also assisted in set up of the event, helped during transitional periods during the event, and stayed an additional 30 minutes after to help clean up. In addition to prepping for both the coaches meeting and officers retreat, she has also help me get organized with the lifeguards in creating a contact spreadsheet, created purchase requests for lifeguard equipment orders, and put in-service training folders together. I asked her if she was okay with helping me with aquatics administration and she agreed to help with anything as long as I didn’t have her actually lifeguard. I can honestly say, she has made RecSports, Club Sports, and Aquatics look good. Our events this month would not have been nearly as successful without her assistance. She has truly stepped up and is constantly asking what I need help with. No matter how little or big my requests are, whether they are club sport or aquatics related, she has done everything with a smile, positive attitude, and has not been afraid to provide suggestions or ideas to help make things more efficient and better. Annabelle is a true example of a team player and one of the best student employees I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. She is most deserving of this award for not only her commitment to making sure our programs are prepared and executed well, but also for putting up with my crazy self over the last few weeks. For these multiple reasons I would like to nominate Annabelle Goese for the August 2017 MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month." 

- Mandy Madden, Assistant Director, Club Sports

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