April 2019: Taylor Johnson

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"I would like to nominate Taylor Johnson as the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for April. Taylor may be one of our quieter Fitness Attendants, but she probably makes the biggest impact in the facility. Everywhere you look when Taylor is on shift you can see her walking with a mission to make the facility better. From enforcing policies politely to our patrons, to organizing the foam rollers, Taylor uses every second of her time on shift to make the facility better than it was when she came. I've overhead many of her peers and co-workers commenting on her impressive work ethic and dedication to the job - especially considering that she has preferences to open the facility. Taylor has also been invaluable this month, especially in picking up shifts (not even trading!) for her co-workers as they get sick or need to finish big projects. I am grateful for every day that we have her on our team. For these reasons, I believe Taylor is the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for April!"

- Samantha Fitzpatrick, Fitness & Instructional Programs Coordinator




I love to hike, read fantasy books, exercise, play board games, and listen to music.





What do you want to be when you grow up?

When I was little, I always wanted to be a scientist, and now I have narrowed down my goal to medical physicist.

What are the top 3 reasons you enjoy working at RecSports?

1. I like that it is a very relaxing environment and a way to escape the pressure of classes for a bit.
2. It is cool getting to make friends with the other staff members and seeing them around campus.
3. It's neat getting to see what people you only see in class do outside of class.

What's one thing you would like everyone working at RecSports to know about you?

One thing I always like making clear is that though I am from Houston and Houston is located within Texas does not mean that I am from Texas. This is a very important distinction I always feel compelled to make.