August 2016: Trace Hall

Nd Recsports Eom Trace Hall August 2016 Featured Image

"I would like to nominate Trace Hall for the MOST Outstanding Employee for the Month of August. Trace is a returning superstar who not only demonstrates the best qualities of a professional lifeguard, but also the best qualities of a Notre Dame student! He graciously arrived to campus early for our staff training, even offering to work difficult to fill hours leading up to our regular schedule. Trace, who spends his summers lifeguarding the busy beaches of Charleston, SC, is one of our more technically sound lifeguards. He has demonstrated the ease with which he is able to recognize and respond to an emergency situation, and he is continuously working to maintain his fitness. An avid swimmer, Trace also volunteers his time to work with the Special Olympics Swimming Team. He spends several hours a week working with this group and you can quickly see the positive impact he has on each of them. Trace embodies the Notre Dame Spirit and Mission in everything he does, which is why I nominate him for this award."

- Sarah Ryckman, Program Coordinator, Aquatics


Charleston, SC


I enjoy swimming, running and lifting weights. When I get the opportunity, I like to both snow and water ski. Here at Notre Dame, I especially enjoy participating in opportunities provided by my dorm, Fisher Hall, including off campus tutoring, interhall sports and Mass in our chapel.

Year at Notre Dame




What do you want to be when you grow up?

My goal is to be a trauma surgeon in the military.

What are the top 3 reasons you enjoy working at RecSports?

The management at RecSports is always fun to interact with, and is always working hard to ensure that employee needs are taken care of. In addition to hiring a great management team, RecSports seems to only hire the hardest working and friendliest employees on campus, which makes going to work each day a joy. Finally, RecSports facilities attract a lot of delightful patrons that are always great to converse with.

What’s one thing you would like everyone at RecSports to know about you?

Applying to work as a lifeguard for RecSports is one of the best decisions I have made here at Notre Dame.