August 2017: Annabelle Goese

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"Annabelle Goese as the August 2017 MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month. Words can’t express how appreciative I am for her hard work, dedication, and patience this past month!! With my added time put towards prepping for aquatics and climbing fall programming, as well as club sports, Annabelle has been not only a Program Assistant for Club Sports, but for Aquatics as well, and has been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! She played a vital part of making sure the Club Sports Operations Manual edits were done and finalized for printing; created and finalized the Travel Checklist; and inventoried and ordered additional first aid kits for club teams. She also took the lead on the preparation for the Club Sports Coaches Meeting and for the Club Sports Officer Retreat. For the Club Sports Coaches Meeting, she created all 30+ coaches contracts; put together the coaches folders by making copies and collecting materials; organized shirt sizes; and sent email reminders to officers and coaches. For the Club Sports Officers Retreat, Annabelle took the lead on organizing the catering needs with both Subway and Let’s Spoon; ordered supplies; put together 135 folders; organized the shirts; and volunteered to present the Financials Management section of the agenda, which she did a fantastic job presenting to 135 of her peers. She even came in on a Saturday for a few hours to help finalize last minute items before the retreat. Not only did she attend the officers retreat as the Equestrian President, she also assisted in set up of the event, helped during transitional periods during the event, and stayed an additional 30 minutes after to help clean up. In addition to prepping for both the coaches meeting and officers retreat, she has also help me get organized with the lifeguards in creating a contact spreadsheet, created purchase requests for lifeguard equipment orders, and put in-service training folders together. I asked her if she was okay with helping me with aquatics administration and she agreed to help with anything as long as I didn’t have her actually lifeguard. I can honestly say, she has made RecSports, Club Sports, and Aquatics look good. Our events this month would not have been nearly as successful without her assistance. She has truly stepped up and is constantly asking what I need help with. No matter how little or big my requests are, whether they are club sport or aquatics related, she has done everything with a smile, positive attitude, and has not been afraid to provide suggestions or ideas to help make things more efficient and better. Annabelle is a true example of a team player and one of the best student employees I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. She is most deserving of this award for not only her commitment to making sure our programs are prepared and executed well, but also for putting up with my crazy self over the last few weeks. For these multiple reasons I would like to nominate Annabelle Goese for the August 2017 MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month." 

- Mandy Madden, Assistant Director, Club Sports


Sheboygan, Wisconsin 


I enjoy riding horses, reading and writing, watching movies, exploring the outdoors, and trying out new restaurants!




Political Science

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Foreign Service Officer for the State Department

What are the top 3 reasons you enjoy working at RecSports?

1. Amazing staff
2. Contributing to the ND community
3. Wide variety of challenges that have already helped me grow professionally & personally

What’s one thing you would like everyone at RecSports to know about you?

I could (and sometimes do) eat breakfast food for every meal of the day!