November 2018: Anthony Reo

Anthony Eom November 2018 500 X 300

"I would like to nominate Anthony Reo as the MOST Outstanding Student Employee of the Month for November 2018. We interviewed and hired Anthony this summer prior to his arrival to campus this August to work not only as a Club Sports Supervisor, but also as a Multimedia Specialist for our department. As just an incoming Freshman, Anthony has certainly not disappointed and has went above and beyond his duties in every way! Whether it be volunteering to take photos and videos for five hours on our cold Intramural Football Championship Sunday, to showing up at Baraka Bouts to take photos when I forgot to even schedule a photographer for that evening, to crawling out of bed early one Friday morning to take one single photo of staff at Rockne so we caught them during their shift, Anthony is the first one to step up and get the job done in whatever capacity is needed. And the best part, he makes it look easy and is always engaged with our staff, while also learning the many facets of RecSports. I couldn't be more grateful for Anthony's dedication to our team and am looking forward to seeing his continued success and contributions to our department as he moves forward in his time here at Notre Dame. Thank you Anthony for being a rock star!"

Kendra Bayne, Assistant Director, Administration:
Assessment, Communications, & Staff Development


Paw Paw, MI


Swing dancing, playing Euchre, pretending that I sing well




Management Consulting & Political Science

What do you want to be when you grow up?

An all-purpose consultant for small-businesses and entrepreneurs. Or the President, we'll see. 

What are the top 3 reasons you enjoy working at RecSports?

  1. There's a very flexible work schedule. 
  2. The RecSports staff is fun to be around.
  3. In my role I get to basically meet everyone at RecSports.

What’s one thing you would like everyone at RecSports to know about you?

I enjoy contemplating thought-provoking questions about life, and I'm always willing to have a conversation to that extent.