September 2016: Brady Ruffing

Notre Dame Recsports Most Outstanding Student Employee September 2015 Brady Ruffing2

"Brady Ruffing is our most outstanding employee of the month at the Rockne Memorial. Brady has a great rapport with our patrons. He takes an interest in our patrons by welcoming each of the regular patrons by name and knows what workout they like to participate in. This has been very beneficial to our swimmers because he has been able to warn them ahead of time about the closing of our pool for renovations. He has been a great team player by picking up many sub shifts for student staff members. He even volunteered to work the Saturday morning shift which included Home football Saturdays. Brady is also a troubleshooter. I can’t count the many times Brady has asked for a screwdriver to fix a locker door or a wrench to tighten some bolts on a piece of equipment. Watch out Dennis! Brady goes over and above by helping others. He always takes the lead in medical code situations by either filling the Manger on duty role or by guiding our new staff by helping them through their first injury report. He takes his skills on the road. While Brady was playing volleyball at IUSB, a player on the other team hurt her ankle. Instead of just being a bystander, he ended up assisting the IUSB staff by wrapping her ankle up with a bandage."

- Matt Lewandowski, Front Desk Attendant (Rockne Memorial)