Q: I want to take a group fitness class, what steps do I need to take?

A: If eligible, you can purchase a group fitness pass. Once a pass is purchased, you can register for your spot in any group fitness class based on the type of pass purchased (i.e., semester pass, year pass, etc.). Make sure to arrive at your class early so you can check in with your instructor and advise them of any necessary health information or modifications you may need to participate!

Q: What is a group fitness pass?

A: A Group Fitness Pass is your all access pass to take all eligible group fitness classes on our schedule. There are a variety of pass options available. Based on your pass type and duration, you can take any group fitness class on the schedule as many times as you like at no additional cost!

Q: How do I know if I'm eligible to purchase a group fitness pass?

A: All Notre Dame students, faculty/staff, and retirees who have a valid Notre Dame ID and active NetID Login are eligible to purchase a group fitness pass. Spouses who have created a spouse account are eligible to purchase a group fitness pass. Only Faculty, Staff, Retirees, and Spouses are eligible to purchase the F.A.S.T. Group Fitness Passes.

Q: What types of group fitness passes are available?

A: Group Fitness passes allow access to all classes on our group fitness schedule. F.A.S.T. Fitness Class passes allow access to all classes on our group fitness schedule AND our F.A.S.T. Class schedule. We offer passes that give you access to applicable classes and are priced for the academic year, the semester, or a "session" (half-semester). 

Q: How do I purchase a group fitness pass?

A: Passes can be purchased at the front swipe desk or online at RecRegister with your NetID, select the "Fitness & Faculty Locker Room Passes" tab. Select the pass you'd like to purchase and add it to your cart.

Q: Does a group fitness pass include registration for the instructional series or personal training?

A: No, group fitness passes only provide participants registration access to fitness classes (Group Fitness or F.A.S.T.).

Q: How do I register for classes after buying a group fitness pass?

A: Registering for classes is easy, and spots in a class are first come, first served.

  1. Login to RecRegister using your University and/or RecSports issued login information.
  2. Select either "Group Fitness Classes" or "F.A.S.T. Classes". Remember, F.A.S.T. classes are only for Notre Dame Faculty, Staff, Retirees, and Spouses.
  3. Select class you'd like to take.
  4. Click "Register".
  5. Check to make sure that the class you chose is in your cart. Once you confirm your cart is complete and ready to go, head to checkout. 
  6. Click "Checkout" and check your email for a confirmation. You will not be charged to register for individual classes. 

Q: How early can I register for a class?

A: You can reserve your spot up to seven days in advance. Remember, you must register for every class you want to participate in! Registering for a class one time does not register you for a spot in a class for the duration of your group fitness pass. 

Q: I can no longer attend a class I've registered for. What should I do?

A: To be courteous to other folks who may want to take the class, you should cancel your registration. You can cancel your registration up to ten minutes before the class starts.

  1. Login to RecRegister with your NetID or Spouse Login.
  2. Click on your picture in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
  3. Navigate to "Profile" from the dropdown menu.
  4. Select "Program Registrations"
  5. Find the class you'd like to cancel and select the three dots on the far right hand side.
  6. Select "Cancel Registration".
  7. A confirmation window will appear, make sure you select "Yes, Cancel Registration".

Q: How do I check in with the instructor before my class?

A: All participants will check in with the instructor before class in the studio or other facility space where the class is taking place. Make sure you introduce yourself, using your first and last name that is on your RecRegister account. This will allow the instructor to mark your attendance. You can also take this time to let the instructor know if you have any applicable health concerns they should know about, or if you will need assistance at any point in the class.

Q: I'm running late for my class. Will I be able to check in with the instructor?

A: You can check in and/or register for a class up to five minutes after the class starts. After that window has passed, no new participants (registered or not registered) will be able to join the class. This is for all participants' safety.

Q: I purchased a pass, but I want a refund. What is the group fitness pass refund policy?

A: Group fitness passes are non-refundable except for medical/health conditions, or other extenuating circumstances with verification. Pass holders may request a refund, but refunds are not guaranteed.