How early can I register for a virtual fitness class?

Virtual fitness classes will become available on RecRegister 3 days prior to the beginning of the class, at which time you may register for your virtual fitness class.

When is the latest time I can register for a virtual fitness class?

Registration closes 10 minutes prior to the beginning of class.

How do I access the virtual fitness class that I registered for when it’s time for my class to begin?

There are two ways in which you may access the virtual class you have registered for when it is time for the class to begin:

Option 1 via RecRegister

  1. Login to RecRegister.
  2. Navigate to the class you have registered for.
  3. Click the Join Class button. 
  4. Zoom will open in a new window.

Option 2 via confirmation email

Access the virtual class you have registered for by locating the confirmation email you received and click the Join Class button in the email.

How early should I sign on to my virtual fitness class via Zoom?

You will be able to check-in no more than 30 minutes prior to the class time. We ask that you arrive virtually 15 minutes prior to the start time of the class so our instructors have enough time to check everyone in prior to class beginning.

Do I have to have Zoom in order to join my virtual fitness class?

All virtual fitness classes will be conducted via Zoom. All Notre Dame community members with a netID have access to a Zoom account, and those without a Zoom account can create a free Zoom account. 

I have a class that will run into my scheduled virtual fitness class. Is it okay if I join the virtual class a bit late?

All RecSports instructors will be checking in participants prior to the class starting. Once they have started class, they will not be able to pause class to check in late participants. For this reason, late entry is not permitted to virtual classes.

What can I expect when participating in a virtual fitness class?

When logging on, participants will join the waiting room. The instructor will admit participants into the session once they have been checked in by the instructor. Once inside the session, classes will run according to their scheduled start and end times.

How will I check in with the instructor at the beginning of the class?

For virtual classes, no specific actions are required to check in. You will know you’ve been appropriately checked in once the instructor moves you from the waiting room into the Zoom session.

Do I need to ensure I have myself named a certain way?

Please ensure your Zoom name is set to your full name that is used by the university in order for our instructors to check you into class and confirm that you have registered for the class. 

What settings should I ensure my Zoom is set to prior to joining the virtual class?

All class participants will automatically enter the Zoom session with their microphone muted and their video disabled. We ask that your microphone stays muted throughout the duration of the class to minimize background noise and to ensure all participants can hear the instructor throughout class.

Is video optional during virtual classes, or do I need to ensure my video is on?

All participants will enter the Zoom session with their video disabled. If you would prefer to have your video on, you are welcome to turn your video on but it is not required. Please ensure your audio remains muted.

If I have issues with functionality during the virtual fitness class, who should I contact?

If you run into issues with Zoom, please contact OIT to resolve your Zoom issues. Email recsport@nd.edu if you have trouble gaining access to the correct Zoom link.

I live in a residence hall and have two roommates who would like to take a virtual fitness class with me. Do each of my roommates need to register for the virtual fitness class we are taking if we are utilizing one device to participate?

Yes, each participant must register for the class so that a waiver is signed which grants access to participation. 

Do I need any equipment at home to take a virtual fitness class?

In general, most classes do not require any equipment for participation. You are welcome to bring equipment such as a yoga mat.

I am unable to attend a fitness class that I originally registered for, can I get a refund?

Full refunds for the Semester Registration Schedule are available until June 7; half-price refunds through June 14. Click here to view more information on refunds or to submit a refund request form. Refunds are not available for the Flexible Registration Schedule.