• Zumba®
  • Zumba® Step
  • Spinning

Start date with RecSports

Fall 2014

Fitness philosophy 

I feel fitness is a passion and a confidence builder. Expressing passion through fitness is a great way to feel alive and engaged in the world - which is truly the best simple pleasure.

Fitness interests &Other Hobbies

  • Running
  • Dance
  • Just have a good time being active.

Why my class?

Zumba-If you like to dance and have a good time 1 hour out of your busy schedule, come try out my class! Spinning- This is a great class to try, great music and motivating to try something new! Zumba step- step with dancing and toning!

How do you motivate participants?

I motivate my class in many ways. It might be music or my crazy exercises!