Br. Ray

Notre Dame Recsports Fitness Instructor Sp2019 Br


  • B.A. English Literature, University of Notre Dame, 1957
  • M.A. English Literature, De Paul Chicago, 1959

Start date with RecSports

Fall of 1994

Fitness Philosophy

Good food, good exercise is the best medicine one can have

Fitness Interests & Other Hobbies

  • I practice Tai Chi every day
  • Play tennis twice a week

Why My Class?

Gives an exercise that can last a life time

How do you motivate participants?

I am 82 years old and still able to do pretty much anything I want to do. This is a significant motivation for my students. Also, the women and men who come to my class are looking for something that is different, a more internal, focused way to approach life.

How long have you been teaching group fitness in general?

25 years

What is your favorite style of music to play in class?

Either oriental and native american flute solos

What is your affiliation to the University?

Outside Community Member

Why do you teach group fitness?

I enjoy Tai Chi and would like to give it to others for their enjoyment and health

What types of classes can you teach? 

Tai Chi