Courtney K


  • Bachelors of Business Administration, Bucknell University
  • Masters of Higher Education Administration, Vanderbilt University


  • Minor in Dance from Bucknell University and 20 years dance experience in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Tap

Start date with RecSports

Summer 2017

Fitness Philosophy

My fitness philosophy is variety and doing what you love.  Working out shouldn't feel like a chore, so I look for workouts and classes that I ACTUALLY think are fun.... i.e. MY CLASS!! 

Fitness Interests & Other Hobbies

  • I like Barre, Pilates, Body Flow, Body Pump, etc. classes as well as taking long walks/hikes with my pup.  He is a great fitness buddy.  
  • I also follow a few different dance fitness YouTube channels.  My non fitness guilty pleasure is watching The Bachelor - I am an avid fan... it is slightly embarrassing. 

Why My Class?

1. Great music 
2. The class is full of supportive, awesome people who are looking to sweat and have a great time.  There is no judgement at all, just a bunch of folks shaking their groove thing. 
3. If you want to pick up some sweet dance moves"

How do you motivate participants?

A big smile, encouragement, and being able to make fun of myself.  My goal is to get everyone sweating, but make sure they do so with a smile *or some sass) on their face!

How long have you been teaching group fitness in general?

About a year, but I have taught dance classes for many years 

What is your favorite style of music to play in class?

A mix of current music and 2000's pop

What is your affiliation to the University? 

Notre Dame Faculty/Staff

Why do you teach group fitness? 

I danced for 20 years (trained in ballet, pointe, tap, jazz, hip hop, musical theater, contemporary, modern), minored in dance, and was on a dance team in college so this is the best way to still dance while staying in shape 

What types of classes can you teach? 

Cardio Hip Hop, as well as technical dance classes (ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, etc.)