Erica S.


  • Undergraduate student at University of Notre Dame


  • Yoga Sculpt Instructor Certification, 2017

Start date with RecSports

Spring 2018

Fitness philosophy

Fitness should be a lifestyle which invigorates and excites, fitness is both a mental and physical journey that should fill you with passion and enjoyment.

Fitness interests & other hobbies

  • Ice hockey
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Water skiing
  • Volleyball

Why my class?

Yoga Sculpt is workout which exemplifies, "time flies when your having fun." It provides a total body workout each class, cardio included, with a lot of diversity of movement to great music.

How do you motivate participants?

I motivate my participants first through the power of the wonderful realm that is music. The power of a good song can change the pain of a squat to the glory of a dance party, after all fitness should be enjoyed. Secondly I motivate participants by making the experience personal to them by articulating benefits of whatever it is they are doing.

Why do you teach group fitness?

I teach group fitness because I am passionate about the development of community based growth. In class the group as a whole is powerful, motivation, and invigorating. It provides a unique opportunity to share in the excitement, struggle, and reward of each move and each class. Together a group can motivate one another while growing together and supporting one another both physically and mentally in a way individualized fitness cannot.

How long have you been teaching group fitness in general?

Less than a year

What is your favorite style of music to play in class?

The kind of songs and beat that makes you WANT to squat and do mountain climbers! :)