Instructor Grace Photo Copy


Saint Mary's College: Business Admin-Marketing


RYT 200

What semester & year did you begin employment as a fitness instructor at RecSports?

Fall 2017

When did you you begin teaching group fitness in general?

January 2015

Fitness philosophy

Functional fitness is key.

Fitness interests & other hobbies

I enjoy yoga, pilates and outdoor fitness activities like kayaking/hiking. My non fitness guilty pleasure is

Why my class?

I teach for all levels. My classes are always inclusive, fun, and relaxing!

How do you motivate participants?

I like to motivate participants with kind words, good cueing, and a smile. :)

What certifications have you held in the past?


What is your favorite style of music to play in class?


What is your affiliation to the University?

Notre Dame Faculty/Staff

What types of classes can you teach?

Anything Yoga! Vinyasa/Power/Stress Relief/ Restorative/Aerial