• B.S. Secondary Education, Butler University
  • M.S. Exercise and Health Studies, Miami University


  • Certified Athletic Trainer- National Athletic Trainer's Association; 1991
  • Certified Health & Fitness Instructor- American College of Sports Medicine; 1994

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Fitness Philosophy

My background allows me to teach from a point of understanding how the body works or needs to work to acheive the goal. In tennis, obviously making contact with the ball, getting it over the net and maybe adding direction. I enjoy devising strategies to reach these goals and being able to figure out how to make corections when they are practicing on their own. I get great satisfaction and enjoyment from seeing my students improve over time and enjoy the sport I've played since I was a little kid.

Why My Class?

My style helps the student make sense of how to hit the ball beyond just “keep your eyes on the ball”.