• AFAA Group Fitness Instructor / 2019

Start date with RecSports

Spring 2020

Fitness Philosophy

My fitness philosophy is that every time we show up to a workout it should be out of a desire to love and care for oneself rather than an obligation to change or distort our bodies in order to fit societal standards. I believe that fitness allows us to cherish our internal strength and grow in that strength. Showing up to a fitness class is not an act of war between the mind and body rather it is a celebration of the self.

Fitness Interests & Other Hobbies

Some other fitness interests are training for Spartan races, weight training, cycling, hiking, and going for long walks. Some hobbies include reading while sipping hot coffee, skateboarding, and tracking down the nearest $20 concerts (pre-COVID times).

Why my class?

Participants should register for my classes because I make hard and usually dreadful exercises fun… (who knew burpees could ever be fun??) I am on “Team Participants”, so I am their #1 fan as I see them get stronger.

How do you motivate participants? 

“How are you challenging yourself?” This is something that I am constantly repeating in class. It sounds so basic, but I believe it is powerful because they determine how they are pushing and challenging themselves, not me. I provide ways to make it more difficult, and they are able to choose the way in which they are pushing themselves at that moment. I am there for the participants, reminding them, not forcing them, to challenge themselves in whatever way feels right for them.

Why do you teach group fitness? 

It brings me such incredible joy. I am able to share my joy of fitness with others and receive joy when I see my participants pushing themselves. I am surrounded by such motivated people loving themselves and getting stronger. I also teach to be a voice in the fitness community that spreads the message that you don’t have to look a certain way or be a certain size to be strong, healthy, and happy.