B.A. English, Saint Mary's College


  • Yoga
  • Yoga For Athletes
  • Zumba
  • Trauma Informative Yoga

Start date with RecSports

Spring 2012

How long have you been teaching group fitness in general?


Fitness Philosophy

Get sweaty and smile. Fitness is for EVERY body!

Fitness Interests & Other Hobbies

  • Hot yoga
  • Reading 
  • Writing

Why your class?

My classes are all about FUN! You will walk out feeling successful because every class is about YOU doing what feels good for you.

How do you motivate participants?

I encourage every student to go at their own pace while seeing how far they can go.

What is your favorite style of music to play in class?

I’m from Detroit, so it doesn’t matter if it’s Zumba or Yoga, there will be a little Motown.

Why do you teach group fitness?

I teach group fitness because we aren’t meant to go through life alone. We need community and community through wellness is my ultimate joy.