• Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
  • Tree for Life Yoga & Holistic Health, Holistic Wellness Academy


  • Sage Roundtree School for Yoga for Athletes
  • Kripalu based Yoga
  • Beginners Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Certified Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga 
  • Core Anatomy and Flow

Start date with RecSports

2005 as a substitute and then 2008 as a permanent instructor

Fitness Philosophy

It is my mission to serve, encourage and empower my students through yoga. Learning to acknowledge and capitalize on our unique differences (anatomically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually) is helpful in an individual’s pursuit toward self-growth. It is my intention to help my students gain personal insight as they challenge themselves both on and off the mat.

Fitness Interests & Other Hobbies

  • Yoga, hiking, biking, canoing, paddle boarding, basketball, baseball
  • playing and recording the drums
  • stargazing

Why my class?

I'll help them to strengthen the body, reduce stress, add flexibility, gain better balance, and acquire a deeper knowledge of how their body works from the surface to the core.

How do you motivate participants? 

I get them to believe in themselves and to realize that they have to take of themselves before they can serve others.... At first, I get my students to undertand that yoga will increase flexibility, mobility, and help to strengthen the skeletal muscular system. I'll explain that scientific studies have shown yoga will reduce The Delayed On Set of Muscles Soreness after workouts. It will increase the Para Sympathtic Nervous System and alpha brain wave levels to improve concentration, to sharpen focus, and increase mental clarity. That yoga was also shown to raise Seratonin levels in the body to fight off depression, improve the immune system, and to reduce sleep disturbances. Though the real motivation is that once they practice yoga, they begin to feel stronger, more flexibile, focused, and less stressed. They sleep better and are not as sick as they once were. Finally they feel happier and satisfied in their jobs, relationships,and in who they are ... All of this happend not because of me, but because they had the courage to walk into the studio and have belief in themselves..

Steve began practicing yoga in 1999. Over the past twelve years it has remained a vital and important part of his daily routine. In 2004, Steve became a certified Kripalu Yoga instructor, is certified in Yoga for Athletes from the Sage Rountree school, the Holistic Wellness Academy in 2012, and he is a member of the Yoga Alliance. Steve is also a prAna ambassador, a prAna sponsored athlete, and has taught clinics for athletes nationally and internationally. Some of his published work can be viewed on Inside Lacrosse, SwimSwam,Swimming World, Softball Magazine,College Sports Business News, MEC Blog to name a few. He has also been a registered yoga teacher for over 11 years and has over 10,000 hours teaching experience.

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