• Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health
  • Eddie Knight Drum Academy


  • Sage Roundtree School for Yoga for Athletes
  • Kripalu based Yoga
  • Beginners Yoga
  • Power Yoga
  • Certified Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga 
  • Core Anatomy and Flow
  • Yoga Sports Coach from the Institute of Yoga Sports Science

Start date with RecSports

2005 as a substitute and then 2008 as a permanent instructor

Fitness Philosophy

To create the best possible version of ourselves in every moment we're alive. This is done by practicing self acceptance and self discipline in all that we do in this life.

Fitness Interests & Other Hobbies

  • Yoga
  • Hiking
  • Biking
  • Reading
  • Drumming
  • Being involved in sports
  • Doing donation events for the Pet Refuge in South Bend

Why my class?

Whether you are a student, a staff member, or on faculty, it's my mission to assist every individual in meeting their personal goals in my classes. I'll help them strengthen the body, reduce stress, add flexibility, gain better balance, and acquire a more profound knowledge of how their body works from the surface to the core.

How do you motivate participants? 


As a Yoga Sports Coach, I inform my students that they must check their ego at the door when they walk into the yoga studio. When you leave behind the physical, emotional, and mental judgments that the ego places on us, you can make the positive advances you need for today. As my students practice yoga, this acceptance of self will make them feel more robust, more flexible, focused, and less stressed. This positive effect of yoga will follow my students off the mat and into their personal lives. They find that they sleep better and are not as sick as they once were. Finally, they feel happier and satisfied in their jobs, relationships, and in who they are. All of this happens not because of me but because they dared to walk into the studio and believe in themselves.

Why do you teach group fitness?

Mahatma Gandhi said, "The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." This statement by Gandhi is one that I ultimately believe in and try to emulate every day. Teaching yoga in a group setting is my form of "service to others" as I give back something positive to our community. It allows me to create a positive shared experience with different individuals from all walks of life for a common goal. "To serve people today, to help improve their lives for tomorrow."