Women's Club Sports 

Notre Dame Recsports Women S Rugby Spring 2016 Featured Image

Women have an opportunity to choose from a number of competitive and non-competitive Club Sports.


Women of all experience levels will learn the skills of boxing and raise money for the Missions in East Africa competing in the Baraka Bouts Tournament. A novice program is conducted in the early fall, followed by veteran season prior to the Baraka Bouts.

Field Hockey

The Notre Dame Club Field Hockey team is a competitive club sport team that accepts people of all skill levels. The main season is in the fall, with home and away games scheduled from September through November, as well as some tournaments in the spring.

Figure Skating

The Notre Dame Figure Skating Team accommodates both singles and synchronized competitive skaters, while experience is not necessary. As members of the Midwestern conference, the synchronized skating team competes in four competitions throughout the year and practices four days/week, while single skaters attend a varying number of competitions thorough the year and can practice twice a week.

Ice Hockey

The Notre Dame Women’s Ice Hockey team is a competitive club on campus that embraces fun and challenges, traveling all over the Midwest while also competing at home. Women of all experience levels are welcome.


The Women's Club Lacrosse is a new competitive club team for Notre Dame women who wish to continue playing lacrosse in college. The Club competes in the Central Division of the WCLL against other universities and colleges in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

Pom Squad

The Notre Dame Pom Squad is a non-competitive athletic club composed of eleven students of the University of Notre Dame and St. Mary’s College who perform during football pep rallies, men’s home basketball games, and select soccer and women’s basketball games, and other campus events. Tryouts are held in April for the following academic year.


The Women’s Rugby Club of Notre Dame is a competitive club for Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross women who want to play this unique and internationally recognized sport, and who want to foster a fun team environment.


We are a competitive new soccer club part of the Mid-West Alliance. We have a complete fall season and will play friendlies and what we can in the spring. We are really excited to see all our hard work go into play and get a good group of girls together. We are looking for girls who have soccer experience and are looking to play at a higher level than the co-rec and intramural.


Club Softball of Notre Dame is a new club for non-varsity athletes who wish to continue playing softball in college. Club softball is a part of the National Club Softball Association and competes against other club softball teams in the region. Anyone is welcome to practice and play with us. You can choose to travel with the team for games or just practice and participate in scrimmages for fun.

Water Polo

The Notre Dame Women’s Water Polo Club is a highly competitive club comprised of women of all experience levels. The program has remained in the top 12 nationally ranked club teams since 2001 and has been ranked as high as #1. The women’s water polo team travels most weekends in the Spring Semester and plays teams from all over the country, including Michigan, Florida, UCLA, and Oregon.


Women’s Volleyball is a competitive club team for Notre Dame women who wish to continue their volleyball careers. Most players have club and/or high school playing experience, but we welcome anyone interested to tryout. The team practices two times a week, and travels to several tournaments throughout the year at universities in the Indiana/Ohio/Michigan area.  The season culminates with the NCVF National Tournament in early April.