Women's Softball

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Club Softball of Notre Dame is a new club for non-varsity athletes who wish to continue playing softball in college. Club softball is a part of the National Club Softball Association and competes against other club softball teams in the region. Anyone is welcome to practice and play with us. You can choose to travel with the team for games or just practice and participate in scrimmages for fun.

Get Involved

To learn more or to join the Women’s Softball Club, please contact the officers listed below, or email ndclubsb@nd.edu.

2018/2019 Officers

Position Name Email
President Megan Kamm mkamm@nd.edu
President Jenna Breslin gbreslin@nd.edu
Vice President Jacquelyn Foltz jfoltz@nd.edu
Treasurer Elizabeth George egeorge1@nd.edu
Secretary Grace Kaiser gkaiser@nd.edu