Locker Room Policies

Lockers in Smith Center for Recreational Sports

  • All lockers are DAY lockers and are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Contents are not to be left in lockers overnight. Any non-valuable contents found in a locker at the end of the business day will be bagged and stored at the Front Desk for up to 30 days. Non-valuable items not retrieved after 30 days will be turned over to Notre Dame Security Police. Any valuable or personal items will be given to Notre Dame Security Police daily. 
  • Locks are located on each of the individual lockers, no personal lockers are permitted.
  • RecSports is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Valuables cannot be stored at the Front Desk, they must be stored in a locker.
  • A single restroom with a shower is located on the 3rd floor of the Smith Center for Recreational Sports, in addition to a single restroom.