Free Services

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To make an appointment for any of these services, please contact Samantha Fitzpatrick, Fitness & Instructional Program Coordinator, at

Body Composition Measurement

Uses an Omron Bioelectrical Impedance handheld device to estimate the percentage of body fat and calculate Body Mass Index (BMI).

Resting Measurements

Determines resting blood pressure and heart rate. For the most accurate reading, do not drink caffeine or smoke at least three hours prior to the test.


Confused about how to even begin an exercise program? Our fitness professionals are available for consultations to help you learn how to construct an effective, safe workout routine. An overview on exercise, its definitions and types and the basics of a well-rounded program are discussed.

Equipment Orientations

If you shy away from physical activity because you are not quite sure how to use the equipment, orientations are just a phone call away. Orientations provide instruction on the safe and effective use of both the strength and cardiovascular equipment and they also provide information on general exercise principles. Orientations can take place at the facility of your choice.