Congratulations to our Fall Intramural Tournament Champions

Author: RecSports

Recsports Table Tennis Tournamentv3 10

RecSports is happy to announce the full slate of Intramural Tournament champions from the Fall. Congratulations all!

Fall 2020 Intramural Tournament Champions

Cornhole Tournament
Men’s Double Elimination The Boys from Ohio
Men’s Single Elimination Hogs
Women’s Double Elimination Pyromania
Women’s Single Elimination Cass & Mar
Off Campus Double Elimination shut your cornhole
Golf Tournament (September 26)
Grad Putt for Dough
Interhall Men’s Bmo
Interhall Women’s the best PEople
Off Campus DBoys
Golf Tournament (October 25)
Grad Daly’s Army
Interhall Men’s Weapons of Grass Destruction
Badminton Tournament
Grad Singles Brendan Chua
Off Campus Doubles Rachel and Marge
Interhall Men’s Doubles Blonde Boyz
Interhall Women’s Doubles PE Team 1
Pickleball Tournament
Interhall Men’s Doubles Zahm House 2
Interhall Women’s Doubles Pyro Pickleballers
Off Campus Doubles Big Pickle Energy
Table Tennis Tournament
Grad Kranke
Interhall Men’s Brandon Chou
Interhall Women’s Lauren Ostdiek