Equestrian Club

Author: Club Sports

This weekend, the ND/SMC Equestrian team traveled to chilly Madison, WI to compete in the University of WI-Madison’s spring show.  Last show of the regular season, this was the last chance for many riders to qualify for regional competitions.  Starting off the fences competition on Saturday, Katie Walsh and Steph Nearhos had strong finishes in Open Fences, placing 1st and 4th.  Isabelle Hillberg then took 2nd in Intermediate Fences, followed by Katie Lockhart and Annabelle Duncan finishing 1st and 4th in Novice Fences.  In the afternoon, senior captains Steph Nearhos and Katie Walsh finished 1st and 4th in Open Flat.  Ina Jonathas and Annalis Cigarroa placed 3rd and 5th in Advanced WTC.  Isabelle Hillberg and Katie Lockhart took 2nd and 4th in Intermediate Flat.  Annabelle Duncan and Danielle Gibaut finished 1st and 2nd in Novice Flat, followed by Rose McClimans taking home 4th in Walk Trot.  Making region history, six riders participated in a ride off for Reserve High Point Rider, four Irish Eq girls included.  Katie Walsh took home Reserve High Point Rider, and the team finished with Reserve High Point Team.  On Sunday, Katie Walsh won her last regular season Open Fences class, followed by Isabelle Hillberg with a 5th place finish in Intermediate Fences.  Annabelle Duncan then placed 2nd in Novice Fences.  In Open Flat, Steph Nearhos and Katie Walsh finished 2nd and 4th respectively.  Isabelle Hillberg and Katie Lockhart placed 1st and 4th in Intermediate flat, followed by Annabelle Duncan and Danielle Gibaut finishing 2nd and 3rd in Novice Flat.  Annalis Cigarroa and Ina Jonahthas were 2nd and 4th in Advanced Walk Trot Canter, with Rose McClimans taking second in Walk Trot.  Again on Sunday, there was a ride off for High Point Rider, two Notre Dame girls competing.  Katie Walsh took home Reserve High Point on Sunday, with the team taking Reserve High Point Team again.  Katie Walsh, Steph Nearhos, Katie Lockhart, Annabelle Duncan, Ina Jonathas, and Isabelle Hillberg all had qualifying rides and will compete in the Regional Competition in April.  Katie Walsh finished her fourth straight season as the Zone 7, Region 4 Cacchione Cup Rider, the top placing rider in all of Region 4.