Fun facts about cycling from one of our staff members

Author: Janelle Sampson

Janelle Cycling Try Out Class

Working for RecSports thus far this past semester has been nothing short of rewarding. I have gained lots of new skills and have created friendships both on a professional and personal level . As part of the marketing department, it has been fun to promote the programs and services offered by RecSports, as well as be responsible for developing RecSports social media campaigns, working to enhance our website and the “storytelling” of the RecSports programs through the use of photography and videography. While I am constantly working behind the scenes to improve our marketing efforts, I was able to jump right in and try out one of our fitness cycling classes a few weeks ago. Boy, did I have fun, and what a great workout! Due to how much fun I had, I thought I would share a few fun facts about cycling in general!

Fun facts about cycling 

  • Indoor cycling helps you shed fat, improve the health of your heart and increase your muscle strength & endurance.
  • On average, you burn between 400 - 600 calories in a 40-45 minute class.
  • Indoor cycling is a great workout, whether you are a beginner in the gym, or an advanced athlete. Everyone, no matter what shape you’re in, can get a great workout! 
  • There are three main components to cycling: speed, cycling & endurance.
  • Cycling is a great way to tone & sculpt your muscles
  • YOU are in charge of your workout the entire class! Yes, there is an instructor guiding you, but YOU get to decide the intensity of your workout by either increasing or decreasing your gears and speed.