Get a workout in and homework done at the same time!

Author: RecSports

Homework Gym 2 In 1

Trying to get a workout in, but still need to study for that test? YOU CAN DO BOTH! The Smith Center for Recreational Sports offers a unique Life Fitness treadmill desk that allows you to walk at varying speeds, while still providing a good workout in the process! We like to refer to it as “whistling while you work!” Who can name that reference? 

Other features offered by this ingenious machine include an adjustable desk surface to complement those of different heights, a shock absorption system that reduces joint impact by nearly 30%, and an expanded foot rail. It also allows you to track your results - you can review your speed, steps taken, walking duration and miles walked. In addition, there is a built-in connectivity panel that makes it easy to power most devices such as those needing AC power hookups, a USB or an Ethernet connection - so rest assured that you can keep working out while charging up your devices!