How to set goals for exercising

Author: RecSports

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Goal setting and proper goal planning are two of the best tools to help you stay motivated during and after quarantine. Pick a goal that matters to you - make sure it’s something that you want to do and learn about what benefits it provides to your daily life.


  • Specific: nail down exactly what you want and recognize the benefits it will offer you
  • Measurable: pick a goal that is quantifiable from your baseline through your desired outcome.
  • Achievable & realistic - these two go hand in hand saying goals should be challenging, but doable with time and perseverance  
  • Time bound: You may choose to set a date first or you may use training plans to help you determine your accomplish date. Hold yourself accountable to this date as long as your training plan allows.

Once you set an overarching goal, it’s time to set your plan for how you will achieve it

  1. Spend each workout focusing on the process of how you will achieve your goal
  2. Write a detailed training plan of how to achieve your goal one day at a time, making each day a separate goal itself
  3. Make sure that your training plans include rest days and work days, with work days progressing closer toward your goal from one workout to the next (example: running a little bit further or adding more weight to your exercises)
  4. Oftentimes, you will find that achieving your desired outcome will be easier by focusing on the daily process goals

If you don’t know where to begin in picking or planning for your goals, email the RecSports fitness team. We’d be happy to set up a virtual meeting with you to discuss.