Staying motivated and accountable is key to success

Author: RecSports

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Set goals to acheive

Setting a goal is a great start, but we need to be able to continue working towards that goal if we want to achieve it. Here are some suggestions to hold yourself accountable as you work towards your goal:

  1. Learn more about the goal and the benefits it provides for your life. Don’t settle for a list of scientific terms that sound fancy - dig in until you understand how it impacts your life.
  2. Evaluate your priorities and if health is one of them, ensure that you dedicate the time so that there is a meaningful impact on your health.
  3. Embrace small successes and give yourself credit for them - tracking your progress will make it easier to see these successes.

Find an exercise buddy

Finding a buddy who is willing to reach the same goal can boost motivation and accountability.

  • Exercise with a buddy in person at a socially acceptable distance of course!
  • Exercise or stretch with a buddy via video chat.
  • Start a friendly competition or tracking program with your buddy.

Share your progress

  1. If you and your buddy have different goals, that’s okay too. You can still share your progress and achievements with them!

Information was sourced from ACSM’s Finding Your Motivation to Exercise.