Strategies for overcoming barriers to exercise

Author: RecSports

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Time and time again we hear about the many benefits of engaging in regular physical activity. For some of us, it may also seem like time and time again, we run into a barrier that keeps us from maintaining a consistent routine or even getting started with exercise in the first place. However, by identifying barriers in advance, we can develop strategies to overcome them and keep moving!

  • Barrier: Time 
    • Recommendation: ACSM and CDC recommendations state that:
      • All healthy adults aged 18–65 years old should participate in moderate intensity aerobic physical activity for a minimum of 30 minutes/5 days/week, or vigorous intensity aerobic activity for a minimum of 20 minutes/3 days/week.
      • Every adult should perform activities that maintain or increase muscular  strength and endurance for a minimum of 2 days/week.
    • Strategy:  
      • Identify and block time in your calendar.
      • If finding 30 minutes or more is challenging, move for 10 minutes at a time. The accumulated time counts!
      • Add more activity to your day:
        • Park farther away from your destination
        • Do a walking meeting
        • Take the stairs
        • Walk your dog
        • Take a family walk
        • Bike to work or errands and don’t forget your helmet
        • March in place during commercials
  • Barrier: Lack of social support
    • Strategy:
      • Share your physical activity plans with family and friends and ask for their support
      • Invite family, friends or a coworker to be active with you. Don’t forget to social distance!
      • Join a fitness class or activity club 
  • Barrier: Lack of knowledge and/or skill
    • Strategy:
      • Contact RecSports to set up an initial consultation and learn what a well rounded routine looks like
      • Register for RecSports personal training
      • Schedule a fitness equipment orientation
      • Do activity that you enjoy
  • Barrier: Lack of energy
    • Strategy:
      • Schedule exercise during the time of day when you are most energetic
  • Barrier:  Lack of motivation
    • Strategy:
      • Track your activity and also how you feel before and after
      • Name your top priorities and look to see where your health is on the list