Tennis Club

Author: Club Sports

On Saturday March 22, the Notre Dame club Tennis team participated in a tournament at Ball State University.  Notre Dame played Northern Kentucky, Ball State, and Xavier.  In the first round against Ball State, Ali Scoggin and Liz won woman’s doubles 6-2, while Brett Beattie and Ed Kielb won 6-2 in men’s doubles.  In the singles matches, Notre Dame managed to earn some more games and lengthen the lead.  Robert Michels lost men’s singles 4-6, while Anna Wanzek definitively won women’s singles 6-0.  In the mixed doubles, Sophia Hooper and Jamie Sullivan won 6-0.  Notre Dame won the round 28-8.  In the second round, Notre Dame took on Ball State.  In the doubles, Anna Wanzek and Liz Quinn won 6-1, while Men’s doubles lost a tough set 3-6.  In the singles, Ali Scoggin won 6-2 while Jamie Sullivan won 6-3.  To finish out the round, Sophia Hooper and Ed Kielb lost mixed doubles in a close tiebreak but then won the third overtime game.  Notre Dame won the round 27-19.  In the final round of play, Notre Dame faced Xavier, who had to forfeit their women’s matches due to sickness of a few players.  Jamie Sullivan and Brett Beattie won men’s doubles 6-3 while Ed Kielb won men’s singles 6-3.  Notre Dame won 12-6 over Xavier.  The tournament was a great success overall, allowing Notre Dame to get a definitive win over the other three teams.