Women's Club Volleyball

Author: Club Sports

The Women’s Club Volleyball Team attended the Flyer Invitational Tournament in Dayton February 7th-8th. Initially we were ranked 7th out of 12 teams, and ranked 3rd in our respective pool. Pool play was limited to two games per match so there was no distinct winner, but we performed exceptionally well. We struggled a bit in the first game against Indiana State but eventually went on to split our set with Dayton A, the #1 seed in the tournament. From there we broke into the Gold Bracket to play single elimination games for final rankings, which all could go to three games. We won all three of our games and ended the day as the tournament champions. I was extremely proud of the team and how everyone worked together at this tournament. One of our right side hitters, Melissa Hoelting, was very consistent throughout the day and came up with big plays when we needed them. While we definitely have things that we need to improve upon, this was a great warm-up tournament for the ranking tournaments we will attend later this semester, where we’ll likely see some better competition. Our next tournament is on February 28, and then we have a long break until our final regional tournament of the year, which is on March 28.