Women's Ice Hockey

Author: Club Sports

The Women's Ice Hockey Club had a full weekend. They played four games in total; the first two against University of Wisconsin- Madison and the last two against Michigan State University. Despite the hard fought games and exhausting weekend, the women ended the weekend 0-4. 

In the first game of the weekend, the Badgers scored early in the first period to start off the game however the Irish’s goalie, Allison Stankowicz, made 11 saves that period. Number 12 for the Irish, Alex Stern was called for tripping at the 2:14 mark. Stankowicz continued to play great making another 12 saves in the second period, only letting in one goal at the 6:06 minute mark. The Irish, down 2-0, came out flying into the 3rd period, matching the Badgers in shots on goal. At the 11:27 and 8:33 the Badgers put in another 2 goals. The Irish continued to play strong, drawing an interference penalty from the Badgers with 2:19 left in the third period. The final score was 4-0 Badgers. Allison Stankowicz had 30 saves for the Irish. The rest of the team left the game fired up to face the Badgers again the next day.

In the second game against Wisconsin-Madison, Mary Salvi started in net and made incredible saves throughout the game that kept the Irish team in close competition with the Badgers. The Irish came out flying, motivated to get retribution from the game the day before. In the first period, Lauren Gabel, a defensive player, skated hard into the offensive zone and put the puck on net. Jackie Dunn was able to get the rebound and shoot it into the upper right hand corner of the next for an Irish goal.  Four shifts after this goal, Alex Stern and Ana Grandinetti skated down into the offensive zone 2-on-2. After battling it out in the corner, Stern took a shot on next. Grandinetti was able to score on the rebound. The Badgers then came back and scored two goals of their own before the end of the first period. At the 6:52 mark in the second period the Badgers received a two-minute penalty for hooking. Following this they scored two more goals by the end of the second period. Salvi played great in net for the Irish, keeping them still within reasonable winning potential. Despite numerous scoring opportunities, the score remained the same at 4-2 Badgers. The Irish played a great game and kept it very competitive.

Notre Dame came out fired to play their biggest rivals, the Michigan State Spartans. Although they let in an early Spartan goal, the Irish continued to dominate the game. Number 14 for the Irish, Kelsey Osinski, had two penalties in the last 4 minutes leaving the Irish to kill both penalties which they were able to do with the 8 saves that goalie, Regina Engel, made to keep the score at 1-0.  In the beginning of the second period, the Irish’s Madison Ratcyz scored at the 11:52 mark on an assist from Meagan Ayers. The Irish continued to dominate play and drew 2 penalties from the Spartans, one for interference and the other for body checking. On the second power play, the Irish’s Jackie Dunn was able to score off of a lose puck in the offensive zone. The Spartans came back with a goal of their own to start the third period, tying the score at 2-2. Engel continued to make fantastic saves keeping the Spartans from taking the lead. Eventually after very intense play, the Irish let in a goal to give the Spartans a lead. The Spartans then received 3 penalties for the rest of the period (they became very physical). One was for hooking and the other two for head contact. The penalty for the second head contact was a 10-min misconduct. The Irish received two penalties of their own near the very end of the game for defending the goal. During the first penalty kill the Spartans were able to take advantage of their power play and score to make the score 4-2.  The Irish fought hard for the entire game and really gave the Spartans a run for their money.

In the last game of the weekend, Allison Stankowicz started the game in net for the Irish. Both teams fought hard, the Spartans out-shooting the Irish in the first period but the Irish getting many odd-man rushes up into the Spartans’ end.  The teams continued to play hard with no goal for either side. Late into the second period the Irish got their chance when MSU received a penalty for interference. Unfortunately although over 6 shots were taken during the power play, they were not able to get a goal. With 2:34 left in the period, Irish play Jackie Dunn received a penalty for interference. The Irish were not able to defend their net during the penalty kill and let in one goal. The Irish refused to give up. They dominated in their defensive zone during the third period, outshooting the Spartans 12 to 4.  They kept the pressure on the Spartans however the Spartans were able to hold on to their one point lead to win the game. The Irish were proud of their performance in playing on such a competitive level and ended the season on a high note, despite the close loss.