Women's Soccer

Author: Club Sports

Notre Dame Women's Club Soccer played two games at Purdue University. Their first game was against Indiana University and was a hard fought game. Partway through the first half, the Irish went ahead 1-0 on a goal from sophomore forward Destiny Anamege from a cross by sophomore midfielder Maddie McCormick. However, Indiana found a goal to tie it up 1-1 just before the half. 
The second half was a hard fought battle between the two teams, but Indiana came out on top and found a goal partway through the second half. The game was marked by excellent Irish possession and strong defensive play, but the game went in the favor of Indiana and ended in a 2-1 Irish loss.
The second game of the day was against Purdue. The Irish dominated the first half with great possession and many offensive opportunities, but were not able to find a goal. At halftime, the score was 0-0 and the Irish came back ready to play in the second half. 
Despite the great effort from junior goalkeeper Caroline Corsones and a strong defensive line, the Boilermakers found a goal early in the second half. This offensive strike from Purdue lead to 3 more goals before the game ended, resulting in a 4-0 Irish loss. Although the score may imply otherwise, the Irish fought hard throughout the game.