Individual Training 

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In-Person Personal Training

One-on-one training integrates health education and goal setting into challenging workouts specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual. A personal trainer can teach, guide and inspire you to achieve your fitness goals. All initial consultations are performed on an individual basis. Packages may be purchased via RecRegister.

Virtual Training

One-on-one virtual personal training allows you the flexibility to continue training or begin your training journey from the privacy of your own space. Integrating health education and goal setting into each workout, fitness programs will be specifically designed to meet the needs of the individual. It’s cost effective, while still getting the same great trainers in a virtual environment. Packages may be purchased via RecRegister.

Personal Training Options (One-on-One)

Student price/Non-student price
Student price/Non-student price
Green  1 Initial Consultation
2 Training Sessions
$90/$102 $86/$97
Blue  1 Initial Consultation
5 Training Sessions
$168/$196 $160/$186
Silver  1 Initial Consultation
11 Training Sessions
$312/$336 $296/$319
Gold  1 Initial Consultation
19 Training Sessions
$460/$520 $437/$494

FAQs regarding personal training

Are virtual sessions live?

Yes, all virtual sessions are live with your trainer in the virtual environment. This allows the trainer to give in-the-moment feedback and corrections to ensure a safe and effective workout.

How will my virtual training take place? 

Since members of the Notre Dame community have a university-provided Zoom account, most training will take place via Zoom. However, if you have trouble accessing Zoom, feel free to discuss options with your trainer about other platforms that may work for both of you. 

Do I have to use a specific location for my virtual session?

Personal training clients may choose their own location for virtual sessions. We recommend having at least 113 square feet of free space. However, virtual clients may not use RecSports facilities during their virtual sessions – these must be completed off-site. 

Do I need any equipment for virtual training?

Although personal fitness equipment is welcome, no equipment is necessary to for virtual training. If you have equipment that you would like to use, simply inform your trainer what items you have so they can be included build those pieces as appropriate into your program.