Notre Dame Recsports Personal Trainer Gregory 1000 X 300



  • Finance, University of Notre Dame


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Start date with RecSports

Fall, 2018

What year/month did you first become certified as a Personal Trainer?

August 2018

Fitness Philosophy

Everyone can have a fitness regimen that they love, they just have to put the time into finding it.

Fitness Interests & Other Hobbies

Weightlifting, HIIT, Soccer, and Basketball

What are your areas of specialty in personal training?

Weightlifting, Interval Training, and Spring Break Prep

How do you motivate participants?

I like to think that truly, clients motivate themselves. My job as a trainer is to be there to remind them when they would otherwise forget. As to that, I think everyone responds well to positivity and great energy.

What has been your most rewarding moment as a trainer?

Watching my friends who I taught and programed for beat my own PR's. Seeing them develop their passion for fitness and knowing that I helped give them the push they needed to start is an awesome feeling.

What types of clients do you normally take on?

Novice clients to experienced athletes looking to get the most from their training

Where else have you worked as a Personal Trainer?

Worked socially with friends!

Why did you become a Personal Trainer?

I became a personal trainer because fitness is a passion of mine. Since I began training, fitness has played a major role in my life in that it has not only improved my health, but my discipline, confidence, and overall happiness as well. As a trainer, I get the opportunity to help people receive similar benefits from exercise, and am excited to bring this passion to RecSports.

What is your personal go-to workout?

There are few problems in life a good chest day can't fix.

How would you describe your personal training sessions? What type of training do you like to take your clients through?

Sessions with me vary depending on the client and their goals. I personally love weight training, and incorporate it into many of my programs. One thing that's consistent across the board however, is a great attitude and a constant smile.