Notre Dame Recsports Personal Trainer Jordan 1000 X 300


  • B.S. in Exercise Science, Ball State University  
  • Gradate student at University of Notre Dame


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • TRX
  • Schwinn Cycling
  • YogaFit

Start date with RecSports

Summer, 2018

What year/month did you first become certified as a Personal Trainer?

May 2017

Fitness Philosophy

Consistency is key, the little things matter, and nothing good ever came easy.

Fitness Interests & Other Hobbies

I enjoy most types of physical activity. This includes lifting, playing sports, or even working outside.

What are your areas of specialty in personal training?

Resistance Training, Functional Fitness, and Sports Performance

How do you motivate participants?

Motivation is very dependent on the individual. Tracking progress is a huge way to motivate people, but it goes beyond just numbers. This includes improvements in lifestyle behaviors (eating healthier, increased physical activity, etc.), perceptions of healthy living, or even movement patterns. Other ways I like to motivate participants are through encouraging language, music, teaching, or competition.

What has been your most rewarding moment as a trainer?

One of my most rewarding moments as a trainer was when I helped an 87-year-old woman learn how to get off the floor again without any assistance. Knowing the work I do is capable of helping someone in such a practical way provides me with a real sense of pride and joy.

What types of clients do you normally take on?

I take on anybody that is looking to make improvements (a.k.a. "GAINZ") in their health, fitness, or sports performance.

Where else have you worked as a Personal Trainer?

Southeastern Indiana YMCA

Why did you become a Personal Trainer?

I have always been passionate about fitness. Personal training not only allows me to share that passion with others, but it also gives me the opportunity to help individuals reach goals using the knowledge and skills I have developed through my education and experience.

What is your personal go-to workout?

I am all about lifting as heavy as possible with as much rest time in between sets as I can get. This is just another way of saying that cardio is my enemy. I am a huge fan of most types of barbell movements including deadlifts, power cleans, squats, and bench press.

How would you describe your personal training sessions? What type of training do you like to take your clients through?

I would describe my sessions as fun, educational, and goal specific. I like to expose my clients to as much variety as possible and let them decide which format they prefer. Depending on the client's goals and preferences, the workout might look like a HIIT-style workout, or it could be something more similar to a powerlifter's workout. The session could include mostly body weight or TRX exercises, or there could be a heavy emphasis on barbell and dumbbell training. Regardless, workouts with me will always be functional, safe, and of course, challenging.