Notre Dame Recsports Noel Personal Training 1000 X 300


  • Women's and Gender Studies IU South Bend
  • Master's in Social Work IU South Bend class of 2020


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • AFAA (Athletics & Fitness Association of America) Group Fitness
  • Water In Motion-SCW
  • Yoga Fit Level One
  • ICG Cycling
  • CPR/AED American Red Cross
  • First Aid-Beacon Health and Fitness/Memorial Hospital

Start date with RecSports

November 2016

Fitness Philosophy

Fitness is for everyone!

Fitness Interests & Other Hobbies

I enjoy yoga, high intensity intervals, and mud runs. Outside of fitness, I enjoy reading, cooking, and napping.

What are your areas of specialty in personal training?

Plant-based nutrition, healthy weight loss, FUNctional training, kickboxing and high intensity interval training, training for lean muscle mass or muscle hypertrophyHow do you motivate participants?

How do you motivate participants?

Through figuring out what motivates each particular client and tailoring the motivation style to them.

What has been your most rewarding moment as a trainer?

Having clients tell me that they are no longer living in pain from postural issues.

What year/month did you first become certified as a Personal Trainer?

November 2016

What types of clients do you normally take on?

I enjoy working with vegetarian, vegan, or plant-based clients or people interested in eating more plants. Clients with scoliosis or postural issues. Runners.

Where else have you worked as a Personal Trainer?

The Kroc Center

Why did you become a Personal Trainer?

After more than a decade of pursuing an athletic lifestyle on a plant-based diet, I wanted to empower others to transform their lives through exercise and healthy living.

What is your personal go-to workout?

I love Les Mills Grit and yoga, which are two opposite sides of the intensity spectrum. I like to work really hard, and then rest equally as hard!

How would you describe your personal training sessions? What type of training do you like to take your clients through?

It depends on what the client is looking for. My style is functional and fun, meaning that I enjoy using props like ropes, soft medicine balls, boxes, and I like to use exercises that move the body in ways that it's made to be moved, but that we tend to lack in our daily lives.