Resistance Training Area

Weight Lifting 1000 X 300

Resistance Training Area Policies

  • Collars are strongly recommended when plates are loaded onto a bar.
  • Absolutely no dropping weights.
  • Bars are not to be moved outside the perimeter of the racks.
  • It is the patron’s responsibility to use a spotter when performing lifting maneuvers.
  • Top-loading additional weights onto machines is prohibited.
  • Deadlifting and Olympic lifting (and any variation of cleans, snatches, or jerks) are not permitted.
  • Lifts that begin from the floor and/or directly touch weight plates to the floor are not permitted.
  • Bumper plates are for landmine use only; weight plates are to be used for resistance purposes only.
  • Resistance training equipment should be kept on the North end of the facility.
  • Please clean padding after each use.
  • Return equipment to its proper location after use.
  • Socks and closed toe athletic shoes are to be worn throughout the facility.
  • Loose climbing chalk is not permitted in the facility, chalk balls are the only method of chalk allowed.
  • Personal training of patrons, either individually or in a group, is only permitted by RecSports certified staff members.
  • Other patrons may not act as additional weight during exercise.
  • Please report any broken or malfunctioning equipment to a RecSports staff member.