RecSports Reopening Plan

Last updated 1/12/21 at 3:45 p.m.

What is available for use inside RecSports facilities

Smith Center for Recreational Sports

What is OPEN?
Cardio & weight area on 3rd floor
(limited capacity)
Locker Rooms
Weight equipment on 3rd & 4th floor
(limited capacity)
Towel service
Bridge unit (4th floor) Track – for walking/jogging
Gymnasium for fitness classes & table tennis

SYNRGY unit (3rd floor)

Equipment checkout – table tennis paddles & balls Activity Studios
Activity Studios – club reservations & classes  
Personal Fitness Studios  
Water fountains to fill your bottles  

Rockne Memorial – closed November 21 – January 29

North Dome – closed as of September 29 (North Dome has transitioned to the new site for University Testing Center)

Availability of programs for December 2020/January 2021

Virtual Group Fitness Classes Available virtually
F.A.S.T. (Faculty & Staff Training) Classes Available in-person; classes limited to 9 participants per class
On-demand fitness classes through Wellbeats Available virtually
In-Person Group Fitness Classes Scheduled to resume in February 2021
Personal Training In-person one-on-one training available, in addition to virtual options
Workshops Scheduled to resume in February 2021
Intramural Sports Scheduled to resume in February 2021
Club Sports Scheduled to resume on-campus practice, dependent on club specific operations in February 2020
Outdoor Gear Rental Gear rental unavailable until further notice
Certification Courses Certification Courses unavailable until further notice

Fitness & instructional Programs

Virtual Group Fitness Classes (available virtually)

Virtual Class registration is available 72 hours before each class offering. Click here for more info and to view the Virtual Class schedule.

In-Person Group Fitness Classes (scheduled to resume in February 2021)

Group Fitness Classes held in-person have a limited capacity of 9 participants per class, unless otherwise noted. Participants may register for each class offered up to 72 hours prior to each class offering (formerly referred to as flexible registration). Click here for more info.

In-Person F.A.S.T. Classes (available in-person)

F.A.S.T. Classes held in-person have a limited capacity of 9 participants per class, unless otherwise noted. Participants may register for each class offered (formerly referred to as flexible registration). Click here for more info.

Workshops (scheduled to resume in February 2021)

RecSports is offering a variety of workshops this Fall for you! Click here for info.

Personal Training (available in-person)

As of September 21, we have resumed in-person personal training inside RecSports facilities. Both in-person and virtual personal training sessions are available for purchase. Click here for more info.

Private Fitness Classes (available in-person)

Private Fitness Classes may be requested. Click here for more info.

Sport Programs

Intramural Sports (scheduled to resume in February 2021)

Spring Intramural Sport offerings include a variety of leagues and tournaments. League and tournament offerings are dependent on the eligibility requirements and division offerings listed below. 

  • Hall Only/Sectional League Offerings: Members from a residence hall section will only play other members from their residence hall and section.
  • Graduate and Off-Campus Student Offerings: Certain offerings include opportunities for graduate and off-campus students in some tournaments.

Due to the emphasis on small group programs that align with all University health and safety protocols, and an increased use of facilities to provide these programs for students, no faculty and staff Intramural Sport opportunities will be available this Spring.

Club Sports (practices scheduled to resume in February 2021)

Click here for a complete list of active Club Sports.

Certification Courses

RecSports is not offering certification courses for the Notre Dame community until further notice. This includes CPR and lifeguard courses.

What we are doing to keep safe

RecSports Staff & Participants

  • All student staff members wear masks while on shift.
  • All student, staff, and faculty participants/users must wear masks in all RecSports facilities, this includes while exercising and when participating in programs.
  • How to properly wear a face mask:

    • Must cover nose and mouth
    • Fasten securely with ties or ear loops
    • Fit snugly but comfortably
    • Include multiple layers
  • What are alternatives to the ND masks: 

    • Outdoors ONLY: Gaiters may be worn outdoors or when running, they are not a suitable replacement for a mask indoors on the Notre Dame campus.

Masks must meet all of the above listed criteria for accessing RecSports facilities and participating in any events on the University of Notre Dame campus.

Physical Distancing Efforts

  • Equipment has been relocated throughout our facilities to maintain physical distance by using a 113 sq./ft. per equipment/user space.
  • Group Fitness and F.A.S.T. Class participants are required to be 113 sq./ft. apart.
  • Furniture previously utilized for social gathering spaces have been removed.
  • Throughout our facilities, distance marks are designated on floor for workout spaces adhering to 113 sq./ft. per user space area.


  • Electrostatic guns used with a quaternary chemical for cleaning/sanitation are being utilized throughout the day when RecSports are closed, in addition to pressurized spray bottles with quaternary and general-purpose cleaner.
  • Participants are asked to clean before, and after each use, on any equipment they utilize during their time at RecSports facilities.
  • RecSports staff members clean equipment thoroughly throughout the day, as well as any time that our facilities are open.
  • RecSports has designated various times throughout the day that deep cleaning procedures (spraying every piece of equipment, electrostatic sprayers used on common areas and high touch surfaces) are performed to ensure that our users are entering a clean and safe environment.
  • Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout each RecSports facility.
  • HERE, everyone does their part to clean, and maintain a safe environment.

Access to RecSports facilities during Winter Break

Access via Irish1Card

The Smith Center for Recreational Sports is open by reservation only to faculty/staff and approved students throughout Winter Break.

Guest passes

In order to prevent exposure to the on-campus Notre Dame community, the purchase of guest passes and admittance of visitors is suspended until further notice.

Drop-in recreation

Activities for drop-in recreation are currently set up inside the Gymnasiums located inside the Smith Center for Recreational Sports. Equipment for these activities may be requested at the Front Desk.

Reservations required for utilizing RecSports facilities

The Smith Center for Recreational Sports is open by reservation only to faculty/staff and approved students throughout Winter Break.

  1. Users are required to sign-up for a one hour designated time slot to utilize RecSports facilities on RecRegister.
  2. Arriving to RecSports facilities: When accessing the Smith Center for Recreational Sports users arriving early are prohibited from entering the 3rd floor until their reserved time and will be encouraged to wait in their vehicles or on the lower levels of the Duncan Student Center.
  3. Users are required to wait in a cueing line (designated by ‘stand here’ markers on the floor) outside the main doors of the designated facility before being admitted for their reserved time slots.
  4. Users must check-in at the Front Desk. At check-in, users must “tap” their Irish1Card and provide their name to staff so their reservation can be confirmed. Once confirmed, the user may enter the space. Upon exit, users need to ‘tap out’ with their Irish1Card.
  5. Users that try to utilize the space outside of their designated reservation time will not be granted access to the designated facility.   

How to make reservations for utilizing RecSports facilities

  1. Notre Dame students, faculty, staff, retirees and spouses may use their netID and password to log into their RecRegister account.

    1. In order to reserve a spot via RecRegister, spouses who have not already set up a RecRegister account must click here to request a spouse account creation.

  2. Click on Facility Access Reservation.
  3. Click on the location that you would like to make your reservation.
  4. Find the date and time that you would like to attend and click Register.

    1. Please note: Time slots only appear when the time is 72 hours or more prior.

  5. This will display an Adult Facility Access Waiver. Read through the waiver and scroll to the bottom. If you agree to the terms of the waiver, click the gray box to digitally sign the waiver. Sign the waiver in the box. Click Save.
  6. Click Sign Now.
  7. Add new emergency contact information by clicking Add a new Emergency Contact or if you already have an emergency contact entered, verify this information is correct. Once finished, click Continue.
  8. Read the Reservation Policies reminder and click Add to Cart. 
  9. Verify that your program (building you are choosing to reserve a time slot for) and program instance (date/time of your reservation) is correct. If so, click Checkout. If not, click Remove and repeat steps 2-8 choosing the correct date and time and/or location for your reservation
  10. The Choose Payment Option menu will appear at the top of your screen. Click Checkout.
  11. Once your reservation is processed, RecRegister will bring you to a confirmation screen. You will also receive two emails – one receipt (for $0 in this instance) and one registration confirmation.

How to cancel reservations for utilizing RecSports facilities

  1. Log into your RecRegister account.

  2. Click on your photo in the upper right corner of the screen to pull up a drop-down menu,
  3. Click Profile.

  4. Click Programs from the menu on the left side of the screen.

  5. Find the registration that you would like to cancel and click on the three dots on the right side of the registration details to reveal a drop down menu (please note that the menu may require that you scroll down to see all of the options).
  6. Click on Cancel Registration.

  7. Ensure that the status for that registration is now listed as Cancelled.

Links to make reservation to utilize Smith Center for Recreational Sports during Winter Break

Area/Facility for Reservation Link to Reserve your Time
Smith Center for Recreational Sports

Click here to make reservation up to 72 hours in advance

(open to faculty/staff and approved students during Winter Break)

North Dome (Joyce Center)

CLOSED as of September 29 – no reservations available

Rockne Memorial Building

CLOSED as of November 21 – no reservations available

Rockne Memorial Lap Pool

CLOSED as of November 21 – no reservations available

Rockne Memorial Therapy Pool/Small Pool

CLOSED as of November 21 – no reservations available

Facility Hours

Smith Center for Recreational Sports Hours: November 21 – January 29

Monday – Friday

7:00 a.m. – Noon
2:00 – 7:00 p.m.


9:00 a.m. – Noon
2:00 – 4:00 p.m.


Lap Pool & Therapy Pool in Rockne Memorial (currently closed)

Users will need to make reservations via one hour time slots on RecRegister.

  • Swimming is the only activity permitted in lap pool; water jogging or other above-surface activities are not permitted at this time
  • The balcony viewing spaces are closed for patron usage
  • Congregating on the pool deck is prohibited; the pool deck is limited to swimmers and lifeguards only
  • Changing into, or out of clothing is not permitted on the pool deck
  • Spectating and instruction are prohibited during this time
  • Users are discouraged from bringing personal items on deck outside of their own aquatic equipment (fins, goggles, kickboards, etc.)

Climbing & Bouldering Wall

Due to the limited nature of the space, the amount of high touch surfaces, as well as shared equipment, the Climbing & Bouldering Wall is closed until further notice.

St. Joseph Beach

The St. Joseph Beach is currently closed and is not available for use by the Notre Dame community.

Family Hours

In an effort to mitigate risk and minimize exposure to the Notre Dame community on campus, family hours at RecSports facilities are suspended until further notice.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found still operates as normal, though many items, such as water bottles, are discarded at the end of each day. Patrons may call the Front Desk of any facility or email to ask about our lost and found inventory.


Click here to view a list of frequently asked questions as it relates to the operations of RecSports.