Reopening FAQs

Last updated 6/4/21 at 10:20 a.m.


Do I need to wear a mask while in RecSports facilities?

Because of our high rates of vaccination, low campus case rates, and St. Joseph County’s improved case rates, those who are fully vaccinated by one of the three vaccines approved in the United States (Moderna, Pfizer-BioNTech, Johnson & Johnson) do not need to wear their masks indoors, effective June 3. For those who are not vaccinated, to support the health of our community, we ask you to continue wearing masks indoors and encourage you to sign up for surveillance testing if you are regularly coming to campus.

How to properly wear a face mask:

  • Must cover nose and mouth
  • Fasten securely with ties or ear loops
  • Fit snugly but comfortably
  • Include multiple layers

Those who necessitate the use of masks must wear their mask properly as outlined above.

Can I bring my siblings or parents to workout with me?
  • In the past Notre Dame students were able to bring a sibling or parent into RecSports for free utilizing a guest pass. With the highest regard to safety, as well as following the University guidance on visitors to campus, we are not offering guest passes, or family hours, for any RecSports facilities until further notice. Only those with a valid Irish1Card, that is programmed for entry into RecSports facilities, are permitted to utilize RecSports facilities.
Is there equipment checkout?
  • There is limited informal recreation equipment available. Items such as table tennis paddles, badminton racquets, and pickleball equipment are available for check out. Basketballs and volleyballs are not available for checkout, as these sports are not permitted for open recreation play in RecSports facilities at this time.
I have reserved my spot to swim at Rockne Memorial. I understand there are no showers or lockerrooms available for use. Is there a place I can change out of my bathing suit after my swim?
  • New for the Spring 2021 semester, there will be designated changing areas for males and females. We have designated spaces that our reservation holders will be able to utilize to change before and after their swim reservations. These areas will not have shower facilities, as they are only designed to be changing areas. Masks will be required at all times for these spaces off the pool deck. Please follow all physical distancing standards while utilizing these spaces.
If we can not checkout equipment, can I bring in my own equipment such as basketballs, etc.?
  • No outside equipment for informal recreational activities is permitted to be brought into a RecSports indoor facility. When utilizing the Ricci Family Fields complex, you are able to bring your own equipment to utilize, as long as all physical distancing and density protocols are being followed.
  • For Sport Programs (Intramural Sports & Club Sports):
    • No personal protective/worn equipment can be shared. 
    • When possible, participants should use their own equipment. Participants may use shared equipment (balls, racquets, paddles), but equipment must be cleaned between each use.
    • No activities that require direct physical contact between athletes is permitted.
    • Participants are encouraged to bring their own water.
Is the Climbing & Bouldering Wall open?
  • Due to the limited nature of the space, the amount of high touch surfaces, as well as shared equipment, the Climbing & Bouldering Wall is closed until further notice.
How do I make a reservation to utilize RecSports facilities?
  1. Notre Dame students, faculty, staff, retirees and spouses may use their netID and password to log into their RecRegister account.

    1. In order to reserve a spot via RecRegister, spouses who have not already set up a RecRegister account must click here to request a spouse account creation.

  2. Click on Facility Access Reservation.
  3. Click on the location that you would like to make your reservation.
  4. Find the date and time that you would like to attend and click Register.

    1. Please note: Time slots only appear when the time is 72 hours or more prior.

  5. This will display an Adult Facility Access Waiver. Read through the waiver and scroll to the bottom. if you agree to the terms of the waiver, click the gray box to digitally sign the waiver. Click Save.
  6. Click the blue button labeled Sign Now.
  7. Add new emergency contact information by clicking Add a new Emergency Contact or if you already have an emergency contact entered, verify this information is correct. Once finished, click Continue.
  8. Read the Reservation Policies reminder and click the blue button labeled Add to Cart. 
  9. Verify that your program (building you are choosing to reserve a time slot for) and program instance (date/time of you reservation) is correct. If so, click Checkout. If not, click Remove and repeat steps 2-8 choosing the correct date and time. 
  10. The Choose Payment Option menu will appear at the top of your screen. Click Checkout.
  11. Once your reservation is processed, RecRegister will bring you to a confirmation screen. You will also receive two emails – one receipt (for $0 in this instance) and one registration confirmation.
I can't make the time slot I originally signed up for to utilize RecSports facilities. Is there a way to cancel so someone else can reserve my original time slot?

Yes, we ask that you please cancel any reservations that you are unable to attend as soon as you are aware that you can not make it. This will open up another spot for other participants to book. To cancel an existing reservation that you have made:

  1. Log into your RecRegister account.
  2. Click on your photo in the upper right corner of the screen to pull up a drop-down menu
  3. Click Profile.
  4. Click Programs from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  5. Find the registration that you would like to cancel and click on the three dots on the right side of the registration details to reveal a drop down menu (please note that the menu may require that you scroll down to see all of the options).
  6. Click on Cancel Registration.
  7. Ensure that the status for that registration is now listed as Cancelled.
How early can I make a reservation to utilize RecSports facilities?
  • You can make a reservation to utilize RecSports facilities 72 hours prior to the time slot you are looking to reserve.
Can I make back-to-back reservations? What is the maximum number of one-hour time slots per day, per user, per facility?
  • Only one reservation per day, per participant is permitted.
Are there certain areas within the facilities that are not available for use?
  • Areas in which proper social distancing, and density cannot be accomplished, are closed until further notice. Other areas of our facilities are reallocated to use as informal recreational space. The main areas that may have a larger impact on our users, are the track inside the Smith Center and the SYNRGY unit on the north side of the 3rd floor inside the Smith Center.
  • The track is closed for walking/running/jogging so we could physically distance equipment that can be utilized within the facility. This enables us to provide the most variety of usable space for our Notre Dame community.
I like to shower after my workout. Are there be showers and the locker rooms available for use?
  • With the highest regard to safety, as well as following the University guidance on physical distancing and density, as well as an understanding of high touch surfaces and equipment, shower or locker room facilities are not available at any of our facilities until further notice.
Are day lockers be available to store my items while I workout?
  • Similar to locker rooms, day lockers are unavailable until further notice.
Seeing that I cannot utilize the day lockers, where can I store my things that I bring with me?
  • We encourage you to only bring in what you would need during your workout, such as your Irish1card, cellphone, and headphones if you plan to utilize them.
Are facility hours similar to what you have offered in previous semesters?
  • We are closed at scheduled times throughout each day to conduct a thorough deep cleaning of all areas and equipment to provide the safest possible space for all of the Notre Dame community.
I left something at a RecSports facility, who can I contact for lost and found?
  • Lost and Found still operates as normal, though many items, such as water bottles, are discarded at the end of each day. You may call the Front Desk of any facility or email to inquire about our lost and found inventory.

Fitness & Instructional Programs

Is equipment provided in Group Fitness and F.A.S.T. Classes?
  • Equipment used in class is limited (yoga blocks, straps, resistance tubing, etc. will not be available for participant use). Yoga mats are provided as necessary and  are cleaned in-between classes, however participants are encouraged to bring their own yoga mat.
How do I register for virtual fitness offerings?
  • Click here to register for virtual fitness offerings.
I have been utilizing the access to Wellbeats virtually. Will this service with Wellbeats continue?
  • Currently the online availability to use Wellbeats has expired. However, the Wellbeats service is available in the two Personal Fitness Studios located on the 4th floor of the Smith Center for Recreational Sports when the building reopens. Each Personal Fitness Studio is limited to one user at a time. In order to utilize the Personal Fitness Studios, upon your arrival to the Smith Center, inform the Front Desk that you would like to utilize the space and they will unlock the space for you. Please clean the equipment in the space before and after each use. Upon your departure of the space, please inform the Front Desk.

Sport Programs

Will there be any opportunities for faculty and staff to participate in Intramural Sports this Summer?
  • Intramural Sports leagues and tournaments for the summer are all-campus open leagues. Any combination of ND students, faculty and staff or groups/departments may form a team.
Will I need to wear a mask while playing Intramural Sports?
  • RecSports is following University guidance on face coverings, and requires all participants, and staff to wear a mask at all times while in the facility. Research from ACE, the American Council on Exercise, has shown that wearing a mask is safe to do while exercising.
  • How to properly wear a face mask:
    • Must cover nose and mouth
    • Fasten securely with ties or ear loops
    • Fit snugly but comfortably
    • Include multiple layers
  • What are alternatives to the ND masks: 
    • Outdoors ONLY: Gaiters may be worn outdoors or when running, they are not a suitable replacement for a mask indoors on the Notre Dame campus.

Personal Training

Are virtual sessions live?
  • Yes, all virtual sessions are live with your trainer in the virtual environment. This allows the trainer to give in-the-moment feedback and corrections to ensure a high quality and safe workout.
Is in-person training available?
  • In-person training is available inside RecSports facilities. Click here for more info.
How will my virtual training take place? 
  • Since members of the Notre Dame community have a university-provided Zoom account, most training will take place through Zoom. However, if you have trouble accessing Zoom, feel free to discuss options with your trainer about other platforms that may work for both of you. 
Do I have to use a specific location for my virtual session?
  • Personal training clients may choose their own location for their virtual sessions. We recommend having at least 113 square feet of free space. However, virtual clients may not use RecSports facilities during their virtual sessions – these must be completed off-site. 
Do I need any equipment for virtual training?
  • Although personal fitness equipment is welcome, no equipment is necessary to have virtual personal training. If you do have your own equipment that you would like to use, simply tell your trainer what items you have and they will build those pieces as appropriate into your program.