2016 Domer Run

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Thank you to all who participated in the 2016 Domer Run!

The 2016 Domer Run brought us perfect weather for our race! Thank you to our participants and volunteers who made for yet again a wonderful Domer Run on the campus of Notre Dame! 

2016 Domer Run 5K Winners

Ages 13-17

Zac Read // 24.29.6

Olivia Deliyannides // 25:21.8

Ages 18-25

Nick Jones // 19.04.9

Brooke Kowalski // 19:25.0

Ages 26-39

Alexandros Taflanidis // 19:07.4

Kathryn Eberle // 22.09.8

Ages 40+

Joseph Bowen // 24:43.6

Kate Peterson // 21:26.0

2016 Domer Run 10K Winners

Ages 13-17 N/A

Claire Stowe // 49:24.4

Ages 18-25

Andrew Latham // 35:29.3

Caitlin Murphy // 41:12.3

Ages 26-39

Tim Pisacich // 34:44.4

Laura Imdieke // 45:59.1

Ages 40+

Craig Miller // 44:34.5 

Stephanie Tatay-Myers // 50:56.4

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Age Group Results       Overall Finish Results


The Domer Run is a fun run with proceeds that are donated to the Gyna Girls of the RiverBend Cancer Services, whose mission is to support women with gynecological cancers, to educate others in recognizing gynecological cancer symptoms, and to be proactive in their own health.

Proceeds to Gyna Girls as a result of the 2016 Domer Run are estimated to be over $5,000! Stay tuned for a final donation amount.


A huge thank you to our volunteers who assisted on race day. From crowd control, counters, course directions, finish line, and water stations  - we can’t thank each of you enough for volunteering your time to make this year’s race a successful one!

A huge thank you to our sponsors for their generous donations!

Acme Water World Riverbend Apparel
Direct Fitness Solutions Notre Dame Federal Credit Union
Anthony Travel Dr. Daniel White, DDS
Karl Weis Auto Body Shop Martin’s Feed Store & Mill, Inc.

2016 Race Day Photos

What’s a race day without some great action shots?! Click here to check out photos from this year’s Domer Run. See what you like? Be sure to tag yourself and friends! #DomerRun

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