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RecSports has partnered with Wellbeats to gain access to the same on-demand fitness classes that we offer in our Private Fitness Studios in the Smith Center for Recreational Sports. Unlimited streaming access to Wellbeats on-demand fitness is available now through December 31!

The Wellbeats streaming app includes even more workouts and features than we have access to at the Smith Center for Recreational Sports and can be streamed at home on personal devices including computers, tablets, phones, and TVs.

Wellbeats Maintain Don't Gain 2.0 Challenge

Enjoy the fun holiday season - without the guilt! This 4-week plan is a great way to stay on track during busy seasons. Each week you will complete at least 3 HIIT (high intensity interval training), kickboxing, and strength training workouts - all just 30 minutes or less. This challenge is here to help you move your body and feel good without the stress or guilt. Pumpkin pie? Yes, please!

Click here to view the Wellbeats Maintain Don't Gain 2.0 Challenge.

Wellbeats adds 14 new classes for you to experience

Ready to try some new classes via Wellbeats? Wellbeats recently added 14 new classes to its platform, including workouts for all interests and abilities

Click here to view the full list of new classes.

Here's what you now have access to:

  • 500+ high-quality, 1-60 min workouts for all ages, levels, and abilities
  • 15+ goal-based challenges 
  • Complete workouts available to stream from the comfort of your home or office
  • Recommendation engine used to personalize and create content
  • Fitness assessments to track your progress and results

Here's how to access on your mobile device:

  1. Download the Wellbeats App or visit the website portal at portal.wellbeats.com. The app can be found on the Apple App Store, Microsoft, Google Play, or via Apple TV.
  2. Select ‘Register Via Code’ and enter invitation code: F22C98C1.
  3. You will be asked to ‘Register a Person’ by inputting your information and creating a profile. Click ‘Save’ once you have completed all necessary fields.
  4. Once you have created your account information, you will need to sign in with the credentials you have created.
  5. From there you are set to play a fitness class of your choice!

Interested in accessing Wellbeats on your TV?

Prefer to play classes on a larger screen? Size up your Wellbeats experience by streaming the same classes you know and love on your TV. Here are 4 different ways to stream Wellbeats classes on a TV.

  1. Connect Your laptop, tablet, or mobile device to any TV with an HDMI cable.
  2. Use Apple Airplay or screen mirroring to wirelessly stream Wellbeats from your iPhone or iPad to Apple TV.
  3. Download the Wellbeats App on Apple TV.
  4. Use Google Chromecast to wirelessly stream Wellbeats from your Apple or Android device to a TV.
Download a flyer with instructions

Click here to download a flyer with directions on how to access Wellbeats on-demand fitness classes on your TV.