Congratulations to our 2016 Bengal Bouts champions!

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About Bengal Bouts

As one of the most storied traditions at Notre Dame and amateur boxing, the 86th Annual Bengal Bouts crowned champions in 11 weight divisions. This uniquely Notre Dame experience annually has over 200 men intensely train for the four round tournament. Although they are competing against each other in the ring, the only "Fight" is to raise funds for the impoverished peoples of Bangladesh. Through Holy Cross Missions in Bangladesh, the Bengal Bouts have raised almost two million dollars to provide basic needs, build schools, and provide medical services. These champions represent the entire Boxing Club whose goal was set to raise over $100,000. To join our fight please visit and click on the donate page.

86th Annual Bengal Bouts champions

  • 137 pound weight class - Michael Kappaz
  • 144 pound weight class - Alex Alcantara
  • 152 pound weight class - Kieran Carroll
  • 157 pound weight class - Patrick Lawler 
  • 163 pound weight class - Patrick Shea
  • 175 pound weight class - Zach Flint
  • 182 pound weight class - Brian Willis
  • 191 pound weight class - John (Jack) Considine
  • 207 pound weight class - Pat Gordon
  • Heavy Weight class - Matt Boomer
  • Super Heavy Weight class - Logan Plantz