Domer Run Results are In!

Author: Veronica Ballinger

Domer Run Student Staff


Domer Run results are in! Thank you to all of our Domer Run 2023 participants! We are so happy to chose to spend your time with us this morning! 

Forget to pick up your packet? More information will be sent via email about Post-Race Packet Pick-Up on October 23.

Domer Run 5k Winners

Age Division Male Female
13-17 Andrew Browning N/A
18-25 Athanasius Sirilla Evie Daumeyer
26-39 Joey Farmer Yuko Inoue
40-49 Matthew Biergans Julia Putman
50+ Craig Miller Jill Zuyderwyk

Domer Run 10k Winners

Age Division Male Female
18-25 Johnny Nemeth Sophia Omoijuanfo
26-39 Chris Winski Dana Horgen
40-49 Todd Walatka Pilar Contreras
50+ Philip Sanders Dianne Sanders