Summer MOST Outstanding Employees of the Month | Gabi & Angel

Author: Veronica Ballinger

Summer Employees Of The Month

Summer brings with it a sense of warmth and vacation, but for some, it's also a season of hard work and dedication. In the spirit of recognizing and celebrating exceptional contributions, we shine a spotlight on Gabi and Angel, our MOST Outstanding Student Employees of the Month, who made a remarkable impact this summer. 

Gabi and Angel are not your typical summer employees. They are students who have embraced the responsibility of working in RecSports facilities in a leadership role, even when school is out and many of their peers are enjoying their vacations. Their MOST Outstanding Employee of the Month awards are a testament to their hard work, adaptability, and commitment. Gabi and Angel, as student employees, have demonstrated a level of commitment and enthusiasm that will leave a lasting impact on RecSports at Notre Dame.

Gabi and Angel, our Summer MOST Outstanding Student Employees of the Month, stand as exemplary individuals who made a remarkable impact this summer. Their dedication and exceptional contributions have helped us maintain a safe and inclusive space, foster a positive work environment for others, and build an exemplary team. Recognizing their efforts goes beyond acknowledging the honorees themselves; it inspires all employees to strive for excellence and promotes a culture of teamwork, accountability, and open-mindedness. The warm and vibrant spirit of summer is not only in the weather but also in the dedication and hard work of individuals like Gabi and Angel, who have truly earned their awards. Congratulations Gabi and Angel!